Becoming an author

I'm not particularly comfortable with the concept that my post title suggests. That being, that one can decide to become an author. It feels more akin to something that resides within you from birth. Indeed, this applies to me.

I’m not particularly comfortable with the concept that my post title suggests. That being, that one can decide to become an author. It feels more akin to something that resides within you from birth. Indeed, this applies to me.

What is new is that I have decided to dedicate my skills and time to peruse this endeavor wholly.

Why Write?
For me, I found that it is something that I am good at! At least, competent enough that I’ve heard from people that they enjoyed my previous writings. Importantly though, I enjoy creating a moment. I’m proud when I can take a few words and arrange them into an emotive anecdote. I’m not always able to express myself through speech. Yet, when I write, I can say everything that I’d typically hold back.

Thinking of myself in the context of the big picture, though, arts are an essential component of humanity. Some artists come into this world and leave a mark that transcends the ages. While that legacy is reserved for the truly gifted few, the joy and expression from everyone’s creativity should be demonstrated for all humankind. Affect one person, and your talent has been utilized. I want to achieve this, even if the one person I affect is myself.

Writing creatively fuels me. I feel purpose, even as I write this post. I enjoy the process most of the time (I’ve had my share of stress and tears while trying to finish a chapter, though). While sharing my work is daunting, the accomplishment I feel once I publish my work is electrifying.

I want to take whatever talent I have and tell the stories of the characters that, so far, live only inside my mind.


Publishing Goals
I’ve thought about what I want from my writing extensively. I can’t deny that the dream is to write novels and have people enjoy them. There’s an unsettling amount of arrogance in that for me (I’m highly modest to the point that it is destructive). For people to take time (and possibly part with money) to read something I wrote is an alien concept, one that I must overcome! It is a dream, though, to walk by a stranger in an airport and see them reading my book as they wait to board.

Nowadays, it is easy to self publish a book instead of going down the long process of traditional publishing. Therefore, it is an attractive option initially as I develop my craft. I do realize, though, that it takes a phenomenal amount of work either way if I want my original works to reach readers. Admittingly, therefore, I think that I am undecided about this.

I have a few works in progress, and I know I need to focus on one instead of pulling my attention in one direction or another. I’ve recently gotten interested in flash fiction, and I am compiling a book of original works. I also have two fanfictions that I am adapting and three completely new novels mapped out. Needless to say, I need to strategize and prioritize what I want to publish first.

Monetary Goals
I am realistic with my expectations for writing. In that, I don’t expect my writing output to become my primary source of income. I wouldn’t mind earning a few dollars, of course. It would be wonderful if I could make enough to take my girlfriend on a nice vacation or two!

Skill Development
I am not a good speller. I am not a savant at grammar. I am unable to read swiftly. I cannot touch type efficiently (about 30 wpm right now!) As you can see, there is plenty of room for development here.

When I started writing for the Swan Queen fandom, I made many mistakes. I own them, and I’ve learned not to berate myself when I see a typing error. I am human. I will produce mistakes frequently. However, seeing the error rate decrease and the typing speed increase are excellent benchmarks that I can be proud of, even if my written words aren’t making me feel accomplished.

Why Journal?
I found it overwhelmingly encouraging to connect with the writing community on Twitter. I’ve learned so much from those that are in all stages of their writing careers. Maybe one day, someone will find my journey helpful to them. It is too, though, a way for me to express myself and not my characters. Years from now, I’ll look at this post and see where it all began. I suppose I could class my journaling as a way to give back, both to other writers and myself.

Time to Get Started
I have the time to write most days. A few hours here and there. The weekends offer a nice chunk of time to focus. I have the support of my friends and family. I have creativity. I’m blessed with a dedication that balances my chronic procrastination nicely. Nothing is holding me back from writing novels for the rest of my life.

Whether they’re any good or not… well, that’s an entirely different post. 🙂

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