Fat to Fit: Week 2

November 23rd – 29th 2020

It’s week two of my fitness journey. With it being Thanksgiving, for which I will be traveling, my main focus this week will be to keep my calorie consumption within budget. I want to carve out time during this busy week workout too, so let’s see how I did!

Starting Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225 lbs.
Week’s Beginning Weight: 184.6 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 183.6 lbs.

Body Fat%: 31.9%
Muscle Mass: 117.6 lbs.


Monday 23rd

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories Dance Workout: 216. Avg. HR: 145
Exercise Ring: 37/30
Move Ring: 745/500
Total steps: 10,428

Knowing that Thanksgiving was approaching, I used another Pamela workout to whip myself into shape. I saw that she had a dance workout – it seemed like an excellent way to mix things up!

This workout was perfect for me. I was pushed to a peak HR of 167, showing that it was more than capable of making me sweat. I liked that I was moving to the beat of the music. Dancing feels less like working out and more like having a bit of fun. I am not much of a dancer. I sort of look like a grandfather clock trying to find it’s groove at the disco. It doesn’t matter though, I’m getting my body moving, and you can too with this workout.

My favorite move? Maybe it was the twerking, but it could also be the squat stretch. I crushed it, and it made me proud.

Calorie Intake: 1641/1797
Fat: 20%
Carbs: 63%
Protein: 17%

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and my body is a little frightened of what might lie ahead. Today was about keeping on track. I started the week off with my usual bagel and a cup of coffee. I made a shrimp taco for lunch, complete with rice, guacamole (3 tablespoons), and some cabbage for 336 calories. To finish off my meal, I ate half of a blueberry cobbler protein bar. I love these bars as they feel like a dessert while being far more satiating than a chocolate bar. I’ve taken to cutting the bar into small pieces to eat like pieces of candy. I think this is a great trick!

For dinner, I went for rice, tomato sauce, topped with a little parmesan cheese. I use cups to measure out my cheese now. Before, I would sprinkle on a handful without thinking much about it. Once I learned that a quart cup is ~100 calories, which is less than I’d typically add, I appreciate that miscalculations have come in to place previously.

All in all, a good calorie day to head into a week away from home.


Tuesday 24th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 6/30
Move Ring: 503/500
Total steps: 4,406

Can you tell I was driving for most of the day? That’s how I want to think of stats like these – as an anomaly, not an average day. After being in the car most of the day (from Buffalo to NYC), there wasn’t much time to exercise. On arrival, we were greeted with food, and then I was ready for a decent sleep. Before driving, I was busy packing for the week. In the future, I could pack ahead of time and fit in a pre-drive workout.

Calorie Intake: 1575/1797
Fat: 18%
Carbs: 68%
Protein: 14%

Have you ever had leftovers for breakfast because you’re leaving town? That’s what happened here, which is why I had a cup of rotini pasta to start my day! For the road trip, I didn’t pack any candy (I’d mindlessly eat it) and got a footlong turkey guacamole sandwich from Subway. Alas, I went to eat the second half after a few hours, and it had become a soggy mess. I can’t eat soggy bread. So I saved myself a few calories by eating the filling only for that half!

When we arrived at Shira’s Mum’s place, we were greeted with dinner! I was highly grateful, as due to the sandwich debacle, I was somewhat peckish. To start, we had homemade cauliflower soup. Absolutely delicious.

After that, we were served up potato and pumpkin gnocchi (how festive!) I ate a cup of this and felt it was heavy and sensed it had been cooked in butter. Previously, this would not have fazed me, and I would have dug in for another helping. Instead, I asked for the last of the soup and left the gnocchi alone.

After dinner, maybe 30 minutes later, I was still hungry. I made myself a slice of toasted sourdough with raspberry jam. Hit the spot. I got through that road trip far more successfully than the previous one I took last month. It’s great to see such improvements in my choices.


Wednesday 25th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 21/30
Move Ring: 504/500
Total steps: 4,434

Honestly, I don’t have a decent excuse for why I didn’t fit in a workout today. Although I didn’t have much free time, there was an opportunity in the morning when I was alone for an hour where I could have squeezed one in. Instead, I wrote and then rested a little. I did get some steps by making sure I walked around the kitchen while I was preparing mashed potatoes for the following day.

Other than that, I barely moved my body all day.

Calorie Intake: 1445/1797
Fat: 18%
Carbs: 69%
Protein: 13%

For breakfast, I filled up on two slices of toasted sourdough with a banana. What a filling breakfast for ~350 calories. I didn’t make any decisions regarding lunch; it was picked up for me as a surprise. Luckily it was a pita sandwich from a local Mediterranean place. I guessed the calorie count for it, looking through the Lose It app for suggestions. I estimated 456 calories for it. I didn’t eat the whole thing, but it did have a dressing I couldn’t identify and included an egg. Other than that, the sandwich was filled with vegetables, including eggplant, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.

For dinner, we went to Shira’s sister and boyfriend’s new apartment. They also chose a Mediterranean place to order from, and I went for chicken souvlaki. I had a piece of pita with hummus and dipped my chicken in the hummus too. I also enjoyed a glass of sparkling champagne rose wine.

My total calorie count for the day could be off, but with a 300 calorie swing, I think I was within budget. Forgoing snacks helped keep me on target.


Thursday 26th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories Table Tennis: 171, Avg. HR: 118
Exercise Ring: 41/30
Move Ring: 616/500
Total steps: 5,029

Finally, I worked out! Yesterday I helped set up the table tennis table, and today I made damn sure I closed my exercise ring by playing for 30 minutes. To get my HR up, I stayed on the balls of my feet and moved at all times. The cats and I would compete to see who could get the errant balls first. Table tennis is an excellent sport for exercise. You can get a good cardio workout while having fun. I was chuffed that I got this workout, knowing my body would be tempted by a lot of delicious food later.

Calorie Intake: 1692/1797
Fat: 32%
Carbs: 53%
Protein: 15%

The big day that I’ve been dreading arrived. Well, excitedly dreading! Willpower at the ready, I started the day with a decent breakfast – a slice of sourdough and a cup of mashed potatoes. I made the mash, so I knew they had very little butter and milk and would make a solid choice to start the day.

Thanksgiving meal is served over many hours in this family. To start, we had homemade carrot and sweet potato soup, followed by a kale and goat’s cheese salad. A cheese plate preceded this, complete with warm brie, fig jam, and guacamole.

I restricted myself to a little guac on a piece of cucumber. I passed on the wine too. When It came to kale salad, I limited myself, as there are too many calories in the goat’s cheese. As it was delicious and I was starving, stopping here was difficult. After all, I knew it would be a while before the nest course as the turkey wasn’t fully cooked yet. We left the table and socialized in a different room, away from any food, which helped control the cravings.

The main course was excellent for someone watching their calorie intake. There were mashed potatoes, stuffing (no added meat), homemade cranberry sauce, green beans, and of course, turkey. There was a mushroom casserole with a lot of cheese that I chose to pass on. I was heading toward feeling satiated.

An hour or so later, it was dessert time. I love desserts and to splurge on this aspect of my meal was what I had saved my calories for. To round off my day, I had homemade apple pie and a large scoop of ice cream. That was worth a whopping 523 calories (estimated). Worth it? Yes, I think so. I’m delighted that I have been able to have this extravagant meal, not feel rude by not eating certain things, and savoring my piece of pie at the end of my day like a champion.

Were my estimates spot on? Perhaps not. It isn’t easy when you do not measure every single thing you’re consuming. However, seeing as calories themselves are estimations, I feel I stayed within a reasonable margin of error on this one.

Without a doubt, this was the fewest calories I have consumed on Thanksgiving, and for that, I can give myself a solid pat on the back.


Friday 27th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 9/30
Move Ring: 489/500
Total steps: 4,194

I spent most of today at urgent care to get my immigration medical completed (it was easier to do it in the city than in Buffalo). It was a far more time-consuming process than I expected, which meant I didn’t get a workout in. At night I had a family dinner to attend, followed by a long conversation. So, a day of sitting is the main reason I didn’t close my rings. However, I accept that you can’t be passive about closing the movement ring. It won’t happen naturally throughout a day (if it does, the setting should be higher). I need to be far more conscious of this in the future.

Calorie Intake: 1757/1797
Fat: 34%
Carbs: 53%
Protein: 13%

Can you guess what I had for breakfast? Yep, a slice of sourdough toast!

For lunch, I made myself a truly epic leftover bowl. I was ravenous after having a small breakfast and a long gap between it and lunch. My bowl included mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pieces of falafel. Amazing. I treated myself to another slice of apple pie and a smaller helping of ice cream. All in all, it put my lunch at 816 calories, which is a lot! My body isn’t used to eating so much in one sitting, and I found myself lethargic afterward.

I brought back some balance with grilled salmon, Brussel sprouts, and a beetroot and onion salad for dinner. To finish off my rather indulgent day, I had a small piece of chocolate cream pie and some whipped cream. Honestly, that’s a lot of dessert for one day! I can’t fathom that I could have all of that and remain within my calorie budget.

I let my control go down a little compared to the restraint I showed on Thanksgiving. I can be proud of staying within my set limits, though. I have a real soft spot for desserts, and being able to have them and not destroy the lifestyle I’m trying to build is something I can proud of.


Saturday 28th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 20/30
Move Ring: 570/500
Total steps: 5,730

Another day without an official workout. I knew I would find it difficult to fit them in when away from home, but I am a little disappointed with myself. I played a little ping pong, which is what the exercise minutes and move calories are attributed to. However, I didn’t track it on my watch, so I can’t give you detailed information on that calorie burn.

Calorie Intake: 1750/1797
Fat: 37%
Carbs: 51%
Protein: 12%

We had more of a brunch today rather than a separate breakfast and lunch. As I love bagels, it would have been a tragedy if I didn’t get a fresh one while in the city! So, I did. 🙂 I had two tablespoons of cream cheese and a cup of carrot and sweet potato soup with my everything bagel. I followed this up with a cup of coffee and a small piece of chocolate babka. All in, this delicious feast cost me 538 calories.

As we ate late, food wasn’t on the agenda until a NY style cheese pizza was ordered. The great thing about NY style is that it is thin, thus not as heavy on calories compared to other types. I cut a bit loose and had some wine. Yep, I’m trying to lose weight and get fitter, and for dinner, I had pizza and wine. 😛 Stayed within my calorie budget, though – that’s all that matters! (Maybe).


Sunday 29th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 8/30
Move Ring: 546/500
Total steps: 4,893

Time to drive home! Wasn’t time in the day to do much movement due to packing and sitting in a car for the long drive home. I closed my movement ring, which I needed to do after drinking the night before. I did this by walking when I could before and after the drive.

Calorie Intake: 1515/1797
Fat: 32%
Carbs: 56%
Protein: 12%

As this was our last day at Shira’s Mum’s, we had a nice breakfast together. For 450 calories, I enjoyed 4 oz. of scrambled egg, spinach, 1/8 cup of cheddar cheese, a banana, and a slice of Challah. It was a delicious, relaxing meal to set me up for a day of traveling.

Lunch was one of my favorite foods – sushi! I am relying on the information in the Lose It app for estimating calories as these rolls were not homemade. Side note – I’ve never made homemade sushi, but it is something I want to do in the New Year. Back to my lunch. I had ten pieces of sushi – mixed between a shrimp tempura roll and a California roll, and a piece of sweet potato tempura roll. My app estimates that this is equal to 400 calories. I was a little taken aback as it seemed like a lot of food for 400.

Dinner was packed for us and eaten in the car on the drive home. It wasn’t the most nutritious meal, I must say. I had a slice of leftover pizza and half a turkey sandwich on sourdough bread. I started to feel weary on the drive and went for a few pieces of candy to give me the sugar spike. Finally, I ate a raspberry fig bar for 220 calories to get me over the hump. All in, it was 673 calories of food.

I’m glad I remained significantly below my budget to allow room for error with all of these estimations.


Week’s Reflection

This week aimed to maintain and not ruin the progress I made last week. Being away from home and my regular work-day routine did prove to be as challenging as I thought. Nutrition-wise, I am pleased with how I could indulge, having wine and desserts this week without going over my calorie budget. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with myself for this. I have to give myself credit for this week, otherwise, when can I be proud of my efforts? I could have easily consumed 2,500 calories a day for the entire trip.

My concerns are how little I moved and pushed myself to fill time with dedicated exercise. I could make excuses claiming it was a tiring week, but it would merely be that: excuses. On reflection, there were 30 minutes that I could have carved out each day to push my body. Yes, I mostly closed the move ring, but there were many days in a row where my only exercise was a game of table tennis isn’t anything to brag about!

I don’t weigh myself every day – far from it. The only weight measurement I have for the week is one taken before I left on the trip. Therefore, I don’t expect to have dropped a pound by the end! That weight drop is more of a reflection of the work I did last week than this.

I Fit into a size 14!!

Even though this is week two of my fitness journey, I have been slowly losing weight for nearly two years. The scale read 225 pounds at my highest weight. I’ve been using tools such as hitting steps goals (when I had a Fitbit) and modifying my diet. By modify, I mean not eating half a pizza the night after gorging on a Chinese takeaway. At my peak, I needed size 20 jeans to feel comfortable.

Recently. I’ve been wearing 16’s. However, they would get loose after wearing them for a few hours. Yet, I couldn’t quite squeeze into a 14. That was until this week. I bought some new jeans from Target to wear over Thanksgiving and went for size 14. Due to COVID-19, you can’t try clothes on, so I had to wait to get home to see if I could fit into them. I was ecstatic when I got into the 14’s — a real achievement. It just goes to show the number on the scale isn’t everything.

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

I’m back to a regular work-week; therefore, there isn’t much happening this week that will tempt me away from my goals — a great opportunity to get back on track.


My focus in the upcoming week will be upping the exercise minutes. I will also make the calories consumed healthier ones. 


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