Fat to Fit: Week 6

December 21st – December 27th, 2020

I start this Christmas week hoping to enjoy the festivities and keep some focus on my fitness journey. The holiday season and winter, in general, make fitness and CICO challenging, so this week will be a test of my resolve to create a healthier me.

Personal note: Late on Monday night, my relationship ended with my girlfriend (whom I live with). This event shifted my focus for the week, reduced my sleep, and overall threw me off track. It’s part of why I am behind on updating my blog – it’s all rather painful to recall. Onwards though, it’s all I can ask of myself.

Starting Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225 lbs.
Week’s Beginning Weight: 182.2 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 179.6 lbs.

Body Fat: 31.0%
Muscle Mass: 116.6 lbs.


Monday 21st

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 34/30
Move Ring: 608/500
Total steps: 9,479

I didn’t do a workout today, opting to close my rings with frequent walks instead. I crammed all of my movement into the second half of the day after relaxing in the morning before heading into work. To supplement my walking, I’ve been taking every opportunity to do wall presses and squats. Overall, I got around 60 reps of each in today, which isn’t bad!

Calorie Intake: 1751/1781
Fat: 12%
Carbs: 73%
Protein: 15%

Normal start to my day with a cup of coffee to wash down a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel β€” nothing like my go-to breakfast to start the week off right.

I had the same items for lunch and dinner, which is also a standard meal for me. On top of 2 cups of jasmine rice, I placed a shrimp burger from Trader Joe’s, flavored with 3 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce. This usual dish for me comes in at 560 calories.

I had a few snacks today to top up my calories. At work, someone brought in a tray of brownies, so I had a tiny one. When I came home from work, I enjoyed a hot chocolate and a 100-calorie Twix bar β€” nothing like a hot drink on a cold winter’s night 😊.


Tuesday 22nd

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 14/30
Move Ring: 520/500
Total steps: 5,508

Unsurprisingly, due to my break-up, working out wasn’t at the forefront of my mind this morning. I was awake well past 2 AM and didn’t get much sleep after that. Consequently, I didn’t push myself to close my exercise ring at the end of the day.

Calorie Intake: 1788/1788
Fat: 16%
Carbs: 72%
Protein: 12%

Once the break-up chat had reached a natural pause, we both felt hungry at 1:30 AM. Naturally, we heated up some knishes that we had in the freezer 🀣. So, I had them for breakfast before I went to sleep!

Lunch and dinner were the same as yesterday, except I didn’t have a shrimp burger with my rice for lunch. I’m a creature of habit – what can I say?

I rounded off my calories with a few snacks. I had a mini Clif chocolate brownie bar (left), a 100-calorie Twix, and a couple of Soylent bars.

I love these mini-sized Clif bars. For 100 calories you get a lot to eat and they have enough protein to fill you. These will easily replace my Soylent bars when I’ve finished them all!


Wednesday 23rd

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 14/30
Move Ring: 466/500
Total steps: 4,454

Exhaustion filled me today β€” both mentally and physically. With little sleep and a quiet night at work, I didn’t move much. I didn’t even have the heart to close my movement ring! The exercise minutes came from walking to and from the car at work and a short walk around the lab halfway through my shift.

Calorie Intake: 1538/1775
Fat: 21%
Carbs: 66%
Protein: 13%

I’d like to say I had a decent breakfast today. Except, I ate chocolate biscuits (AKA cookies) with my coffee. That’s right, I’m trying to lead a healthier life, and I’m devoting a lot of time to blogging about it… yet I had European chocolate biscuits for breakfast. Brilliant stuff Callie. Truly excellent life choices there!

Despite their effect on my diet, these are especially good and remind me of the biscuits I ate back in Scotland. I’d highly recommend them if you can control yourself! They also make a great present if the recipient has better willpower than me.

Lunch and dinner were exactly the same for the third day in a row. I had a cup and half of rice for lunch, but that was the only variation. Partly, this is down to bare cupboard, not caring much about food, and not wanting to waste too much energy thinking about meals.

My snacks weren’t original today either. Twix, mini Clif brownie bar, and some more chocolate biscuits. It is the festive season, and I stayed within budget? Does that make it okay? Probably not…


Thursday 24th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 39/30
Move Ring: 658/500
Total steps: 8,363

Christmas eve, and I got my head back into the “close your rings” game. I ran a few errands today and acquired some steps along the way. My exercise minutes and most of my movement calories were an 11 PM push to make my Apple watch happy. I did this via an indoor walk – which I didn’t track, so I can’t comment on my average HR or the distance covered. However, after two days of an overly sedentary lifestyle, this is an improvement.

Calorie Intake: 1649/1771
Fat: 46%
Carbs: 44%
Protein: 10%

Well, If you weigh and discover you’ve finally broken the 180 lbs. barrier – there’s no better way to celebrate than have 160 calories of chocolate biscuits for breakfast, right? Hey, it worked yesterday 😜. Luckily, we went to the supermarket today and got something to put in the fridge. Therefore, there’s a chance I might eat something healthier tomorrow.

Lunch was 2.5 servings of Trader Joe’s cheese focaccia. Heated to perfection in the toaster oven, this bread was far more filling than the 350 calories it provided would suggest. Absolutely amazing.

For dinner, I had lobster ravioli from Trader Joe’s. I boiled pasta and melted 1/4 tablespoon of butter in a pan to coat the ravioli once ready. This prevented the pasta from sticking to itself without inhibiting the filling’s flavor β€” a scrumptious, filling meal for 606 calories.

I ate another 10 chocolate biscuits throughout the day. Perhaps getting this tin for the holiday season was a bad decision. I thought I could control myself, but I don’t think that’s the case. I am making room for them in my budget, but it’s like one bad delicious decision after another.


Friday 25th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Walking: 381 Avg. HR: 113
Exercise Ring: 64/30
Move Ring: 742/500
Total steps: 11,420

Today I set my walking workout record! After eating American Chinese food for lunch, I knew I needed to move my body to offset some of that calorific damage. Starting at 9 PM, I walked for an hour and got my heart rate as high as 140 BPM. I increased my pace as I walked – the first mile was 24’26,” and the last mile was 13’28”. Not too shabby, considering the week I’ve been having!

Calorie Intake: 1825/1771
Fat: 29%
Carbs: 45%
Protein: 26%

A very different Christmas morning for me this year. Normally, I make a cooked breakfast, which we only ever had on Christmas Day growing up. I’ve followed this tradition, even when I lived alone. Instead, I had a coffee and 160 calories of those delicious chocolate biscuits.

Christmas Dinner to me is akin to what most American’s have on Thanksgiving: turkey, stuffing, vegetables, gravy, and desserts. However, things were different this year. Originally, Shira and I were going to have Chinese food on Christmas Eve, which I used to do growing up and was a shout-out to her Jewish traditions. When our personal situation changed earlier in the week, we threw out the big Christmas meal plan and decided to get a take-away for Christmas Day instead.

So for lunch, I consumed 1,335 calories! Sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, spring rolls, and a hard apple cider need a little tipple to celebrate). I hadn’t had food like this in a long while, and it was delicious. I’m pleased we had it early in the day, so my body had plenty of time to process all that fat!

I didn’t have dinner as such. Instead, I served up a slice of a chocolate cake we got a Trader Joe’s for the occasion. Along with 4 tablespoons of whipped cream, this dessert came in at 330 calories. It was heavy and filling.

It may not have been the healthiest day, but I managed to indulge and not break my calorie budget too much. A Christmas miracle, if you ask me.


Saturday 26th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 30/30
Move Ring: 523/500
Total steps: 6,797

In the U.K., we call December 26th Boxing day. Traditionally, I use this day to relax and watch the English Premier League. This year was no different. Except, this year, I did this while watching the snow. We got nearly two feet! Here is Gryffin and I bracing the weather together. He enjoyed it πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.

Some of my exercise minutes were derived from shoveling snow and wiping it off my car. The rest were from some late-night marching to close my rings.

Calorie Intake: 1700/1771
Fat: 33%
Carbs: 48%
Protein: 19%

I broke my breakfast biscuit streak! I had a proper breakfast today. For 380 calories, I had 2 plain mini bagels with onion and chive cream cheese topped with smoked salmon β€” an amazing treat to kick off Boxing Day.

I had two lunches rather than a real lunch and a dinner. At first, I gobbled down around 330 calories of vegetable lo mein that wasn’t eaten yesterday.

A little while later, I made a real lunch which was an amazing sandwich. On whole wheat bread, I had 1 oz. of smoked gouda, 3 oz. of turkey breast, shredded carrots, romaine lettuce, and 1 tablespoon of sweet chili sauce. It was an epic sandwich and well worth the 393 calories it cost me.

Due to the double lunch situation, I had the same dinner as last night – a piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream. Throughout the day I also ate some more chocolate biscuits. I am grateful for my large calorie budget. Without it, I would have put on thirty-six pounds in two days.


Sunday 27th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Dance (VR): 241 Avg. HR: 138
Exercise Ring: 45/30
Move Ring: 685/500
Total steps: 9,463

I got back into playing Beat Saber today! At sunset, I spent 37 minutes playing my favorite cardio VR game. My HR peaked at 157 BPM, which is right in the range I want to be hitting. VR is excellent escapism and a fantastic way to have a lot of fun while getting your heart pumping. It certainly works for me. The rest of my movement and exercise came from shoveling a little more snow!

Calorie Intake: 1269/1771
Fat: 27%
Carbs: 63%
Protein: 10%

I didn’t purposefully try to have a low-calorie intake day today – it just happened that way. It’s a fact that easier to believe when you consider I had five chocolate biscuits with my coffee for breakfast.

I went back to my staples of rice, sweet chili sauce, and a shrimp burger for lunch and dinner. Well, I had the shrimp burger for lunch, but not one with dinner. I also lowered the amount of rice I was eating to 1.2 cups, rather than the 1.5 or 2 that I normally have. Again, this wasn’t to lower my calorie intake; I just wasn’t that hungry!

As I had plenty of calories, I had another piece of the delightful chocolate cake to finish off my week.


Week’s Reflection

This was supposed to a relaxing, restful week at the end of a tumultuous year. In the end, it was a mental struggle, one filled with pain and awkwardness. Mental health has such a large part to play in my weight and fitness. I wrote about how mental toughness would be needed during this journey, and I was right. However, I didn’t expect to be working through heartache during this year too. In conjunction, I’ve also lost my biggest cheerleader and motivator. I’ll have to learn to dig deeper within myself to achieve the results I crave from now on.

Coming through this week while recording a weight loss is an impressive feat. Getting below 180 lbs. is an amazing achievement for me. My body has been comfortable in the mid 180s for so long, it seemed that was the homeostasis. I knew I was getting stronger and fitter and the inches were receding – but it’s always a mental boost to see the numbers on the scale drop too!

Buying a big box of European chocolate-covered biscuits for the holiday was a bad call. No matter how delicious they may be. I won’t be making that mistake again! There are many left still to eat… send help.

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

Next week, my friend is visiting to ring in the New Year with me. Hogmanay (what we Scot’s call NYE) is a big celebration. I imagine I will want to celebrate “properly” with alcohol and food that doesn’t normally belong on a weight loss journey. The key will be to not do too much damage!


Keeping on the healthy path during this challenging time is all I can ask of myself. It will be difficult given the weather, personal circumstances, and having company next week. If I can keep within my calorie budget and not put on too much weight, I’ll be delighted!


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