Fat to Fit: Week 22

April 12th – April 18th, 2021

I’m coming off the back of a week where I exercised far more, and I gave away candy rather than eating it. Progress has been made. I’m feeling fit and as though I have trimmed down.

I have another meal prep week ahead – the freezer is looking rather barren. Make good choices at the supermarket then I can only make brilliant choices at home!

Looking forward to another week of crushing it. Bring it on.

Body Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225lbs.
Week’s Beginning Weight: 182.0 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 182.0 lbs.

Body Fat: 31.5 %
Muscle Mass: 117.4 lbs.


Monday 12th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 50/30
Move Ring: 774/650
Total steps: 9,014

This was a typical start to my workweek – that is no exercise after I get home. That is until it’s nearly bedtime when I realize that I need to close my rings. At that point, I get marching! I kept moving beyond the ring threshold to get a few more exercise minutes on the board. That April challenge is constantly haunting me (get an average of 65 exercise minutes every day).

Calorie Intake: 1508/1533
Fat: 43 %
Carbs: 35 %
Protein: 22 %

I started my week off like most others recently – with a Pure Protein chocolate peanut bar. It kicks off my day right for 190 calories by getting my mind and body going before the sun kisses the night sky.

I took a portion of a chicken a vegetable rice dish that I made last week. Each portion is 358 calories and is a mix of spaghetti sauce, peas and carrots, grilled chicken strips, and jasmine rice. It might not be fancy cooking, but it works for me!

I have pizza leftovers to work through after ordering from Domino’s yesterday. I ate what equated to half a medium thin-crust pizza, having slices of Cali chicken bacon ranch and a Honolulu Hawaiian pizza. While it may be eating thin-crust pizza – it is still pizza, so my dinner choice contributed 960 calories. This is why I didn’t eat much today – I wanted to stay on budget!


Tuesday 13th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 66/30
Move Ring: 1,049/650
Total steps: 15,631

I am in a challenge with a friend who is getting 600 points a day. That will make sense for those of you with an Apple watch. Essentially, you get points the more you move and exercise in a given day. The maximum number of points you can earn is 600. So, to compete, I need to be moving! I barely sat down all day, making sure I was walking around the lab at all times. When I got home, I got up and did laps every half hour. That’s how I racked up these stats!

Calorie Intake: 1508/1533
Fat: 43 %
Carbs: 35 %
Protein: 22 %

If you’re paying close attention, you will notice that the stats are exactly the same as yesterday. This is not a typo, nor me accidentally writing out the same day twice. No, I had the exact same thing to eat today as I did yesterday!

I don’t want to have pizza four days in a row, so I have frozen the rest and will eat it when I next have that craving. I also went to the supermarket today and started another batch of meal prep. Sorted.


Wednesday 14th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Cycle: 335 Avg. HR: 141
Exercise Ring: 75/30
Move Ring: 1,048/650
Total steps: 8,990

After doing a lot of walking in the past couple of days, I wanted to get back on the bike. I did a solid 45-minute ride! I feel good about the 141 BPM average, as this shows I was pushing myself and not “going through the motions.” For most of the ride, my HR hovered around 155 BPM, which is excellent cardio.

The rest of my movement came from walking throughout the day. Keep moving, and the calories will burn!


Calorie Intake: 1365/1533
Fat: 13 %
Carbs: 76 %
Protein: 11 %

With a trip to the supermarket comes an element of variety! Don’t worry, I won’t blow your mind; things aren’t about to get crazy. Instead of a Pure Protein bar for breakfast, I enjoyed a Thomas’ cinnamon raisin bagel for 270 calories.

With my Soylent bar stock almost depleted, I got some Nutrigrain bars to munch on for my second breakfasts. I used to have these as my go-to snack during grad school, and I feel they will be a perfect addition to my diet now. I ate two of them this morning, adding 260 calories to my breakfast.

Lunch was a 200 calories portion of chili con carne with 2/3 cups of jasmine rice. I had almost the same for dinner, except I paired my chili with 135 calories of mashed potatoes β€” amazing food for under 340 calories per meal.

I had a couple of snacks today, too β€” first, a bag of brownie brittle for 120 calories. After dinner, I chopped up a 1 lb. of strawberries and enjoyed a cup of them for 53 calories to round out my food intake.

After a solid shop at the supermarket, it was meal prep day! I am delighted to have a full freezer once again. My fridge looked similar, so I won’t be needing to order food in for a while!


Thursday 15th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 58/30
Move Ring: 909/650
Total steps: 11,275

I walked my socks off today! We even had a fire alarm drill at work today – so I got to go outside during my shift. That added a few steps and exercise minutes to the old watch stats. The rest of the steps were gathered through normal daily activity in the lab and staying on my feet while watching television.

I struggle with the value of walking on the spot. However, I attest that it is better than nothing. Hard to argue with that point. What concerns me, though, is, am I artificially increasing my burn rate and exercise minutes by walking on the spot? Is my Apple watch tracking things correctly? It’s something I need to investigate, as hitting numbers is the only way my CICO plan is going to work.

Calorie Intake: 1550/1533
Fat: 16 %
Carbs: 66 %
Protein: 18 %

I enjoyed my breakfast sufficiently yesterday that I couldn’t resist having the exact same thing today! Between the bagel and the two Nurtigrain bars, my breakfast is a substantial 530 calories.

Last night, as part of my meal prep extravaganza, I created an Italian turkey stew and paired it with mashed potatoes (left). I had a portion of this delightful meal for 341 calories as my lunch. I love the flavor of this stew, to which a generous amount of Italian seasoning was added.

Dinner was another creation of mine – Curried chicken Acini di Pepe. It’s another low-calorie complete meal creation at 280 calories per serving. It tastes absolutely delicious. For dessert, I savored a pineapple-on-the-bottom plain Greek yogurt (130 calories). A little later, I had a cup of sliced strawberries with 1/3 cup of reduced-calorie strawberry gelatin. In total, my meal was well under 500 calories, and I’m proud of how I used each and every one of them.

There was the budget and time for a snack today too! After work, I had a bag of Stacy’s cinnamon sugar pita chips for 200 calories.


Friday 16th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 49/30
Move Ring: 754/650
Total steps: 9,903

Another day without a tracked workout. As usual, I gather many move calories and a few exercise minutes in my working day. The rest of my stats were a frantic hour of movement, so I could l sleep knowing that my rings were closed and then some.

I marched throughout my house before I settled in front of the television to rack up some steps. As I am uncertain about tracking these exercises, I went a little longer to make sure I was burning my desired calorie goal.

Calorie Intake: 1530/1533
Fat: 14 %
Carbs: 67 %
Protein: 19 %

I had the exact same start to my day as I did yesterday – with a 270-calorie cinnamon raisin bagel and two Nutrigrain bars scattered throughout the morning. It is a large breakfast, accounting for 530 calories, but it gets me through the first five hours of my day.

Lunch, too, was a repeat, with my having to look no further than grabbing another portion of my Italian turkey stew and mashed potatoes for my meal (left). After work, I heated up a knish, one of my favorite recent(ish) discoveries. These traditional Jewish snack food are delicious and filling. All in, my lunch came to 521 calories.

Dinner was the same 479 calorie meal as yesterday, with a portion of curried chicken Acini di Pepe, Greek yogurt, strawberries, and gelatin.


Saturday 17th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 31/30
Move Ring: 676/650
Total steps: 8,217

Typically, I spend 90% of my waking time on Saturday’s sitting. Or sleeping. I adore naps. This Saturday was rather different! I was steadily active right from 6 AM through ’til bedtime. I didn’t want to be as immobile as I usually am, so I made sure that I got up once an hour and did a few laps around the apartment. Those tiny efforts added up!

I also gave my apartment its weekly clean. Nothing like some hoovering, dusting, and scrubbing to get the heart rate rising. It wasn’t an effort guided to closing my rings per se, more of hoping to not spend the last few minutes of my day frantically racking up the required movement to do so. I didn’t make much headway with my April challenge, and I’ll have to make that deficit up at some other point this month.

Calorie Intake: 1516/1533
Fat: 23 %
Carbs: 59 %
Protein: 18 %

A relaxing start to my morning meant that I could toast and slowly eat my bagel while watching the English Premier League. A great 270-calories start to the day in my book.

Lunch occurred in two parts. First, I had a half portion of chili con carne with 2/3 cup of jasmine rice β€” one of my absolute favorite meals currently, just for 325 calories. I think the combination of flavor, textures, and knowing it full of good ingredients.

After cleaning up the apartment, I was famished. I decided to make tuna salad and have it on half an everything bagel. Of course, this is not a low-calorie option and actually had more calories than my chili dish! I don’t regret these 380 calories, though.

For the third night in a row, I ate a serving of Curried chicken Acini di Pepe (280 calories) and a cup of sliced strawberries. I had a 120-calorie bag of brownie brittle for dessert.

Finally, there was just enough room in the day for a couple of Dove chocolate promises, which I had as a snack. πŸ˜‹


Sunday 18th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Cycle: 450 Avg. HR:124
Exercise Ring: 100/30
Move Ring: 983/650
Total steps: 6,938

After coasting through my rings yesterday, it was time to get in a serious workout. An indoor cycle never lets me down in this respect.

I didn’t have a target in mind when I started, other than to go for at least 30 minutes. I kept pushing to the next milestone, whether it be the clock or the calorie burn to an even number of active calories. I find this strategy works best for me, compared to setting out with the mentality that I will ride for an hour. If I were to do that, I’d never get on the bike. Whereas, once I am riding, I can keep going!

Pleased with this ride despite not getting my HR as high as I have on some others. It was a decent time with a respectable calorie burn.

Calorie Intake: 1533/1526
Fat: 23 %
Carbs: 62 %
Protein: 15 %

Whether I am at work or sitting on my couch at home, I love a bagel for breakfast. It takes a while to eat, involves a decent amount of chewing, and they are large enough to fill me up for quite a while. Unsurprisingly, I had one this morning too! A few hours later (as I still rise very early on the weekend), I had a strawberry Nutrigrain bar to take me through to lunch. Substantial but satiating breakfast for 410 calories.

A lunch, I had the rest of the tuna salad I made yesterday on the other half of the everything bagel. I paired it with a bag of sea salt PopChips (100 calories) to give a sort of picnic atmosphere to my lunch! I rounded off my 610 calorie lunch with a fruit-on-the-bottom Greek yogurt.

Once dinner time rolled around, I grabbed a premade portion of 202 calories of chili con carne with 3/4 cup of jasmine rice. A few minutes in the microwave later and voila – dinner! For dessert, I had strawberry gelatin with a cup of sliced strawberries. Finally, to round out my week, I used the remainder of my calories on treating myself to two dove milk chocolate promises.


Week’s Reflection

I killed it this week with my meal prep! I enjoy experimenting with ingredients and flavors, though there is some consistency among the dishes I create. Of course, I pretty much always make a double batch of chili to be on the safe side!

I’m pleased with my ability to limit my chocolate intake. It was as it should be – one or two pieces at the end of the day as a treat, rather than chocolate accounting for 300-400 calories of my day!

It might not have been the perfect week, but I’m happy with it.

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

Next weekend, I am fortunate to get the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. I am beyond thrilled and humbled that I have this opportunity already. I suspect that I will not feel like myself come Sunday, which will affect my rings.

Vaccine aside – it is a normal week – so no excuses!


I’d like to keep racking up those exercise minutes, making up the deficits I created this week. I want that April challenge badge! Other than that, keep on with the plan: Control the chocolate, eat my prepped meals, and throw in a few decent workouts.


Cat Corner

I thought it was a tad unfair for Toodles to be the only one with a bowtie, so I added them to Gryffin and Raven’s collars too. As you can see, Raven was displeased at this development. πŸ˜‚α“šα˜α—’

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