Fat to Fit: Week 26

May 10th – May 16th, 2021

I reached a milestone last week – creeping under 180 lbs for the first time since Christmas. I am very pleased with this progress! However, I made some poor nutrition decisions, breaking my calories budget on two occasions. Such behavior is not like mine. Alas, I am bound to break my calorie threshold a few times this coming weekend too, as I travel to visit friends that I haven’t seen in months (we are celebrating our vaccinations). To keep my journey somewhat on track, I need to put in a solid week before I depart on vacation.

Body Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225lbs.
Week’s Beginning Weight: 179.2 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 179.8 lbs.

Body Fat: 31 %
Muscle Mass: 116.2 lbs.


Monday 10th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 39/30
Move Ring: 670/650
Total steps: 7,813

I didn’t do a “proper” workout today.  I closed my rings with general movement throughout the day.  There wasn’t a last-ditch effort right before bed to get the 30-minutes of exercise – which is my normal MO. Instead, I worked on getting up and moving around for a few minutes every hour after work.  It’s better for me mentally and ensures I keep the blood flowing. Glad I upped my target to 650 calories, as I think this is a good target with my overall health goals in mind.

Calorie Intake: 1193/1518
Fat: 20 %
Carbs: 68 %
Protein: 12 %

I kicked off my week with 4 oz. of Whole Foods’ cinnamon raisin loaf. To take it to work, I wrapped it up to eat it once I got there. We do have toasters and such at work; however, this bread is soft enough that you don’t need to do that. I had three slices over the course of the morning, amounting to 340 calories. This is on par with the two breakfast bars I normally eat.

At lunchtime, I heated a portion of my Italian Turkey Stew creation with 1.5 cups of homemade mashed potatoes. My mash did have a little butter and 2% milk through it for flavor and texture. In total, my lunch was 376 calories.

As a snack, I had a cup of Whole Foods’ Hazelnut Cocoa Pillows cereal when I got home. It’s a delicious new cereal that I have discovered. Sort of a healthier and tastier version of Kellogg’s Krave.

I had many mashed potatoes leftover after my meal prepping this past weekend, so I decided to make it the centerpiece of my dinner tonight. I took a cup of sliced yellow onion and heated it in a non-stick pan. To them, I mixed in 2 cups of mashed potatoes, which had been prepared with 2% milk and butter. I had to add a little water to rehydrate them after being refrigerated overnight. After that, I seasoned my dish, and voila! I had a delicious and filling dinner for under 300 calories.


Tuesday 11th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 53/30
Move Ring: 668/650
Total steps: 8,432

Unlike yesterday, today was a last-minute effort to close my rings before bed.  I did a sort of jog on the spot for 40 minutes while watching an episode of television. I didn’t start the exercise period with that intention; therefore, I didn’t track my efforts to see how I got my heart pumping. When I was finished, though, I needed a shower, so I know I did something productive!

Calorie Intake: 1511/1518
Fat: 29 %
Carbs: 53 %
Protein: 18 %

I reverted to my normal breakfast today, which starts with a chocolate peanut caramel Pure Protein bar. I love tucking into these, which are great for breakfast or as a decant snack later in the day. I eat this flavor because it’s usually the best deal as I use Amazon’s subscribe and save service to procure them. I am usually quite hungry in the first few hours of work, as that is when the day is most intense. So, I followed my protein bar with a Nutri-grain bar a few hours later. Breakfast total: 320 calories.

I enjoyed the same lunch as yesterday, though with only a cup of mashed potatoes. Italian Turkey stew is a light yet hearty meal that brings me joy to eat. Mashed potatoes are also one of my favorite foods, so you understand why I can eat this day after day, after day. Lunch total: 319 calories.

Dinner was a hodge-podge of what I had in the house rather than a well-planned and balanced meal. On a bed of jasmine rice (1 cup = 205 calories), I presented six chicken tenders (400 calories), smothered in spaghetti sauce (1/2 cup = 80 calories). Hardly the dinner of champions, but it hit the spot!

When I got home from work, I had one snack – a cup of Hazelnut cocoa pillows cereal from Whole Foods. This delightful treat cost 187 calories of my daily budget.


Wednesday 12th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 47/30
Move Ring: 551/650
Total steps: 5,477

They say, “All good things must come to an end.” Today was when my move streak ended, having reached 122 days. I did a yoga workout today that didn’t track because I hadn’t realized my watch had died. Yes, that would’ve given me the 100 calories I needed to get over the threshold. However, it was in my control to get those 100 calories before bed. My step count today was meager, showing how little I moved today. It is a sad day in the neighborhood. I Gotta pick myself up and improve tomorrow.


Calorie Intake: 1305/1518
Fat: 18 %
Carbs: 61 %
Protein: 21 %

I mixed it up slightly this morning and had a mini box of Frosted Flakes to kick off my day.  I like eating dry cereal – it takes a long time to consume, and it tastes great.  It is even fewer calories than my normal breakfast bar too – costing a mere 120 calories! I had an apple and cinnamon Nutri-grain bar mid-morning to take me through to lunch.

Lunch was heating a homemade meal.  Today, I went for chicken and rosemary Orzo.  I love the ease of slow cooker cooking: mixing a few ingredients together and adding a box of orzo in at the end. The starch in the orzo helps thicken the stock and creates a good sauce texture without having to add anything.  Wonderful meal for 331 calories.

Dinner, too, was a homemade creation. I went for a portion of Italian Turkey Stew with a cup of mashed potatoes.  If freezing mash, add in extra water after freezing them.  This will help the potatoes stay hydrated during reheating. I loved my dinner, and it only cost me 319 calories.

As my meals were rather low-calorie, I needed a few snacks to feel satiated throughout the day.  When I got home from work, I had a chocolate deluxe Pure Protein bar (180 calories). As a dessert, I enjoyed a chocolate chip brownie brittle bag, which is a delicious snack for 120 calories.  A while later, I decided to have a medium banana, which added 105 calories to my day.


Thursday 13th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 34/30
Move Ring: 677/650
Total steps: 8,267

Another day without a workout?! I’m not liking this new streak that I am earning. While I was busy today getting everything organized for leaving in the morning, that’s no excuse. My life is not hectic enough to be unable to carve out 20-minutes to do some exercise. Yet, it is still better than yesterday. Sigh. I feel embarrassed to be writing this week for you already, and I haven’t left for vacation yet. 😢

Calorie Intake: 1426/1518
Fat: 20 %
Carbs: 63 %
Protein: 17 %

Nothing special about breakfast today.  I grabbed my usual Pure Protein bar and had that with my coffee at my desk. A little while later, I supplemented my protein bar with a Nutri-grain bar.  As per usual, my breakfast came to 320 calories.

Lunch was a home-cooked meal affair of 200 calories of chili con carne and a cup of jasmine rice.  It’s a great meal for the middle of the day.  The combination of beans and rice gives my body the energy and nutrition it needs to function during the second half of my shift. The meal only cost me 400 calories which makes it brilliant in that department too.  The difference home cooking makes in your calorie intake cannot my understated.

My dinner too was around 400 calories.  I had a serving of Italian Turkey Stew with a cup of mashed potatoes. For dessert, I enjoyed a strawberry Mochi Ice cream.  I love mochi – they are the perfect post-dinner treat for 90 calories.

I had a couple of snacks today.  First, a bag of Stacy’s sugar-cinnamon pita chips (200 calories) and then a small banana (90 calories) to round off my day. 


Friday 14th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 5/30
Move Ring: 569/650
Total steps: 4,865

After falling off the wagon with my rings this week, it is unsurprising to me that I didn’t close them today. The early hours of the day were spent packing and making sure my cats were all set for the weekend. I then drove from Buffalo to just outside NYC, hitting some traffic on the way. When I arrived at my friend’s apartment, the last thing on my mind was doing some cardio. In fact, I was tired and doing my best to stay awake late (I’m still working 6 AM shifts, so my bedtime is usually 9 PM). After giving up my movement streak earlier in the week, I wasn’t motivated to reach my 650 move target today. Epic fail.

Calorie Intake: 2413/1518
Fat: 28 %
Carbs: 62 %
Protein: 10 %

Time for my trip, and with it, I left moderation behind. The weekend started okay with a couple of bananas for breakfast.  Yes, they looked like they needed using up, but they are also easy to eat in the car. Nonetheless, a good start, as breakfast was only 210 calories.

The rails started to come off when I stopped for gas and lunch.  I planned on getting something reasonably healthy, like a turkey wrap, but the only places around were fast food joints.  I ended up at McDonald’s and ordered chicken nuggets (10 pieces) and a large caramel iced coffee.  So, lunch was around 670 calories.  Not great, but at least it wasn’t a 1000-calorie burger? It’s never good when you’re making excuses on a fitness journey.

For dinner, we ordered from a local diner. Now, I could have been like my friend and ordered a salmon salad, or I could’ve had some other healthy-ish option.  But no, I went for carbonara and some onion rings.  I didn’t eat all my carbonara, barely half, so I estimated 620 calories.  I had around five onion rings for 150 calories.

I’m judging that I had 760 calories of cider that night.  To be honest, I didn’t log in as I went this weekend, so some things are probably missing, and it’s all estimation.  Frankly, just assume I ate and drank my body weight each day, and you won’t be far off. I mean, just look at what I brought for us!


Saturday 15th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Outdoor Walk: 292 Avg. HR: 116
Exercise Ring: 62/30
Move Ring: 849/650
Total steps: 12,191

Finally – I moved! 🥳 We went on a walk that ended up as a trip to Starbucks. That’s what the pause in the heart rate trace is – when I was standing in line and debating my order.

It felt wonderful to get out and go on this walk. I’ve been inactive all week, so there was no pushback from me when it was suggested. What’s better is that this is a true reflection on my walking pace and what my heart rate does during a walk and not marching on the spot.

The rest of my movement came from dancing later that night. Tunes were on high in the apartment, and I did a lot of dancing while drinking.

I also used my friend’s resistance bands to do some leg pulls. She also had a pull-up bar, from which I could only hang. There was no pulling up of which to speak. I do not have the strength for that – yet. One day I’ll be in pull-up territory!

Calorie Intake: 3512/1518
Fat: 12 %
Carbs: 82 %
Protein: 6 %

Saturday morning and we ordered from a bagel place.  I was super good – I didn’t get a breakfast sandwich or cream cheese for my bagel.  Instead, I went for plain cinnamon raisin bagel, costing me a respectable 270 calories.

For lunch, the group decided on acai bowls – which I’ve never had before.  I opted for a strawberry, banana, and granola bowl. I added Nutella to mine, as it sounded delicious, but they added more than I expected.  I estimate that my bowl came to 762 calories. I didn’t eat it all in this sitting, I even had some left for tomorrow, but I’ll add it here.

Mid-afternoon, we went to Starbucks. I never go out for coffee, and I wanted to try one of their specialty drinks.  I went for a Grande caramel ribbon crunch Frappuccino. I think this added another 320 calories to my day.  It was delicious, though. Worth it? No. No drink is worth 320 calories. It completely offset any benefit of going on the walk in the first place. However, I was on vacation, and I had the wrong mindset all weekend. Indulgence was my desire. I will be paying for these decisions.

We didn’t order dinner – we were full from our bowls, coffee, and alcohol.  Instead, we munched on our leftovers.  Both my lunch acai bowl and my carbonara from the night before were on the menu.  So, I’m adding 620 calories to my day for the other half of my pasta dish.

I drank a lot today.  I am utterly guessing that I had around 1500 calories worth of cider. It may have been more; it may have been less. Regardless, I drank a day’s worth of calories, at least.


Sunday 16th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Outdoor Walk: 45 Avg. HR: 108
Exercise Ring: 65/30
Move Ring: 671/650
Total steps: 11,300

The outdoor walk that I tracked today was only 11 minutes – we went down the street to meet our delivery driver to get bagels. Due to its brevity, there isn’t much to say about it!

I amassed my stats today through some late-night marching and dancing. There is nothing like blasting out some tunes and dancing around on the balcony with friends on the perfect early summer evening. I kept going until I closed my rings as I felt that it was important to offset 0.1% of what I’d consumed this weekend.

Calorie Intake: 2397/1518
Fat: 26 %
Carbs: 62 %
Protein: 12 %

We ordered from the same bagel place this morning.  It was a little later, so I treated it more like brunch than breakfast and decided on a proper breakfast sandwich.  It was also perhaps a bit related to post-alcohol food desire. I went for a sausage, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel for 620 calories. I’m taking the same thing from Dunkin as the benchmark for calories.

I finished off my acai bowl that afternoon before we got an Asian salad kit delivered from Target.  It was delightful to put a salad into my body! I had around 150 calories of the salad.  If you haven’t tried Target’s Asian salad kit – you should – it’s super yummy!

After watching movies all day, we were hungry and ordered Domino’s for dinner. I shared a large thin crust pizza, which I estimate to be worth 867 calories. Sometimes it amazes me how many calories are in a thin crust pizza that barely has crust or cheese. I trust the Lose It app, though.

Food-wise, it wasn’t a terrible day, but I did drink some ciders.  I estimate that I had four bottles, coming to 760 calories.


Week’s Reflection

There is little doubt that this was a poor week for me, both in exercise and food intake. I am exactly halfway through my year’s journey, and it’s fair to say I took a break from it all.

Am I a little discouraged by my progress? Probably. I would have expected to be 10 lbs. lighter than I am. Then again, I haven’t always made the correct decisions when thinking about what to put in my body. The same analysis can be applied to the exercises that I have chosen to do too. Eating chocolate and marching isn’t going to shift these last 20 lbs. that I’d like to shed.

On the upside, I know I have made progress. All my friends commented on how slim I was looking, and I haven’t seen them since I began my journey. So, while I may not see the progress I am looking for, there has been some. I often speak about how my fitness, if not my weight, has vastly improved over these past six months. When I started, I could barely do five minutes on the bike, and there’s no way I could dangle from a pull-up bar for a minute, which I managed this weekend.

Despite the positives gained over the past six months, this week was an expensive one in terms of my journey. I fully expect my weight to increase next week. I also know that it will take a solid month to reverse the damage done here.

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

I am traveling home on Monday and expect to be tired for a couple of days afterward. I’m not sure what effect that will have on my fitness rings during the beginning of the week. Other than that, no excuses are holding me back from going forward.


I’d like to get back on track next week. To me, that means closing my rings with exercise and eating food that I don’t order in. It’s what I was doing consistently and successfully recently, and it was working.

I am already feeling the side-effects of eating “junk,” drinking, and not getting in any cardio in the past couple of weeks. It’s time to mentally reengage and keep at it.


Cat Corner

When I have to take leadership training at home, Toodles finds a way to be part of it. She was as interested as I was. 💖ᓚᘏᗢ

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