Fat to Fit: Week 28

May 24th – , May 30th 2021

I got back on track last week by closing my Apple Watch rings and eating within my budget. I am looking to improve my exercise regime by incorporating more Apple Fitness workouts during the week ahead.

Body Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225lbs.
Goal Weight: 165 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 180.8 lbs.

Body Fat: 31.0 %
Muscle Mass: 117.2 lbs.


Monday 24th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories AF+ Yoga: 105 Avg. HR: 104
Exercise Ring: 56/30
Move Ring: 781/650
Total steps: 8,772

A nice bit of yoga with Molly to kick off the week. I like Molly; she takes her time to explain things, and her routines are challenging but not (usually) overwhelming.

My internet faltered during this one, so I had to restart it! Not that an extra five minutes of yoga is a bad thing. Molly got my heart rate going with some held squats and planks. I’ve come a long way with my upper body strength, but I have even further to go.

Calorie Intake: 1524/1528
Fat: 20 %
Carbs: 60 %
Protein: 20 %

Time to kick off another work week! I began my day as I do most, with a chocolate caramel peanut Pure Protein bar for 190 calories.  It’s an easy breakfast solution when you start work at 6 AM! A few hours later, I had a Nutri-grain bar (130 calories) to get me over the hunger hump before lunch.

Lunch was a serving of chicken and vegetable orzo for 331 calories.  I love this dish, and something I will make variations of in the future.  Mixing chicken and whatever vegetables I have around in chicken stock and then cooking it in a slow cooker for a couple of hours is a great base for many meals.  Orzo is brilliant for thickening the sauce and adding the needed calories to the meal to make it hearty and all-in-one.

I had four Tandoori chicken samosas from Whole Foods for dinner, coming to 300 calories total. Comfort food in moderation!  For dessert, I had a triple chocolate Mochi Ice cream.  I love having these in my freezer as a dessert option.  For only 90 calories, you can have something decadent without using too many calories. My entire dinner was 390 calories.

After work, I had a rather large snack, which is why my dinner was so small!  There was 4.5 oz. left of a cinnamon raisin loaf, so I finished that off with a Califa salted caramel coffee.  All in, my post-work “meal” was 483 calories.


Tuesday 25th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, AF+ Yoga: 104 Avg. HR:
Exercise Ring: 68/30
Move Ring: 799/650
Total steps: 11,028

Molly is my go-to yoga instructor on AF+. Her workouts always push me without it being too much of a struggle. In a sense, it helps motivate me to commit to doing the 20-minutes of effort as I know it won’t be “that” painful. Yet, her flows build improve tone, strength, and balance. All of which I was lacking (and still need to work on) before I began doing yoga regularly.

You can see for the heart trace that Molly pushes me during yoga, and I know her chill vibe playlists help me mentally, too. She has exceptional taste in music!

Calorie Intake: 1455/1528
Fat: 16 %
Carbs: 69 %
Protein: 15 %

I am a creature of habit, so, unsurprisingly, I had the same breakfast as yesterday!  Nothing like a Pure Protein bar and a Nutri-grain bar for 320 calories to start your day.

Lunch was another Callie classic meal: a serving of Italian Turkey Stew with 1.5 cups of mashed potatoes. It’s a great meal for 376 calories.  I always feel full after eating it, but not food-coma full.

I didn’t have a traditional dinner this evening.  Instead, I made a small fruit salad that combined a medium banana with 3/4 pounds of sliced strawberries.  Along with my fruit, I had 425 calories of cinnamon raisin bread. A few hours later, I had a mini box of Frosted Flakes for 120 calories. All in, I ate 759 calories.


Wednesday 26th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 41/30
Move Ring: 698/650
Total steps: 10,025

No official workout today, so it was back to closing my rings through walking. In typical fashion, I didn’t do my marching until I was approaching bedtime when it was clear that was the only way I was closing my rings. I kept going to break the 10K step threshold. I know it’s an arbitrary number, but I like to hit it nonetheless!

Calorie Intake: 1461/1528
Fat: 18 %
Carbs: 60 %
Protein: 22 %

Another day, another breakfast consisting of a 190-calorie caramel chocolate peanut Pure protein bar and 130-calories Nutri-grain bar. If it isn’t broken, then why change it?

I had a portion of chicken and vegetable orzo for lunch – the same dish I have been having for lunch all week. It heats brilliantly in the microwave, tastes great, and is low-calorie (331 per serving). That’s why I keep having it!

Dinner was eating half a Whole Foods’ BBQ chicken thin crust pizza for 475 calories.  I admit, I probably eat more pizza than one should.  However, the balance of eating half a thin crust frozen pizza is a decent compromise compared to ordering in a stuffed crust pizza topped with a heart attack on the side.

When I got home from work, I had 110 calories of Lowfat vanilla yogurt with a sliced banana. After dinner, I enjoyed a bag of Sheila G’s chocolate chip brownie brittle for 120 calories.


Thursday 27th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 69/30
Move Ring: 884/650
Total steps: 13,766

I may not have done an official workout today either, but I did burn those calories! I got my normal ~350 move calories during my shift at work, and the rest came from moving around my house afterward. I’ve taken to doing squats and lunges during my marching sessions to increase their usefulness. I did that today. Still working on doing a full push-up – I’m doing them from my knees, but I have been increasing my reps so, I hope I can get there soon!

Calorie Intake: 1504/1528
Fat: 25 %
Carbs: 60 %
Protein: 15 %

There is nothing like repetition to stop the brain from thinking too much about what to eat. I grabbed my usual Pure Protein bar and a Kellogg’s Nutri-grain bar to fuel my body with 320 calories.

Lunch was a portion of Italian Turkey Stew with a cup of homemade mashed potatoes. An amazing lunch for slightly over 300 calories.  Shortly after returning home, I had a bag of chocolate brownie brittle, so I will class that as lunch too.

For dinner, I got slightly creative. Kidding!  It is a little different from the norm, though.  I heated four Whole Foods’ potato and pea samosas (220 calories) with a cup of jasmine rice (200 calories) and ¼ cup of korma sauce (105 calories).  It was a little Indian-inspired meal for 530 calories.  Not a bad compromise when what I really wanted was naan and a huge portion of chicken korma with a side of samosas from the local takeaway. 

I had a snack before dinner: 110 calories of LowFat vanilla yogurt with a sliced banana (105 calories).


Friday 28th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, AF+ Yoga: 93 Avg. HR:
Exercise Ring: 50/30
Move Ring: 637/650
Total steps: 7,158

I’m ashamed that I didn’t move those extra 13 calories worth! Argh, so close!!!

Anyway, today I rolled out the yoga mat for another session with Molly. There’s so much content on Apple Fitness that I don’t think I’ve done the same yoga routine twice. Today’s routine was pretty standard – Molly pushed my heart rate as I performed her flow. I can feel the benefits of doing yoga in my body. I am stronger, and my muscles are becoming more defined week after week.

Calorie Intake: 1384/1528
Fat: 21 %
Carbs: 61 %
Protein: 18 %

How many different ways can I say that I had a Pure Protein bar, followed by a Nutri-grain bar a few hours later for breakfast? 😂 Most people don’t have much variety in their breakfast decisions, and I am no different. 320 calories done and dusted.

I don’t want to bore you to tears, but I had the same thing for lunch today that I’ve had several times before – chicken and vegetable orzo (331 calories). I can attest that preparing meals and portioning them out is one of the most effective tools to control my calorie intake. I could fit a lot more in my glass container, but I don’t because of the calorie target that I have in mind.

Last night’s dinner hit the spot perfectly, so I had it again.  The comfort quality of the samosas, combined with the filling aspects of the rice and the sauce, blended into a near-perfect dish for me.  If only I had added a vegetable to my plate!

I had 110 calories of Lowfat vanilla yogurt again today but without the banana. Instead, after dinner, I had ½ cup of Hazelnut cocoa pillows cereal from Whole Foods. This cereal is my latest attempt at have the chocolate fix I crave without eating too much fat or overindulging.


Saturday 29th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 86/30
Move Ring: 905/650
Total steps: 11,967

After failing to close my move ring yesterday, I more than made up for it today. I marched like a human on a mission as the day progressed! I, of course, did this while watching television. I find this sort of passive exercise the easiest to fit into my schedule. I might be six months into my quest to be a healthier, fitter person, but I still find it hard to motivate myself to exercise sometimes. I don’t consider myself an especially active person either. However, I am changing, slowly but surely, toward someone that does some exercise every single day.

Calorie Intake: 1450/1528
Fat: 27 %
Carbs: 62 %
Protein: 11 %

It’s the weekend and time for some variety! For breakfast, I made a bowl of instant oatmeal (110 calories) with a 1/8 cup of raisins (60 calories). I love how filling oatmeal can be for so few calories.  It’s easy to make: pop the packet in a bowl, add some water, and microwave for 90 seconds.

My desire for chicken korma drove me to make a crazy-ish concoction for lunch.   Heated five chicken fingers and paired them with a cup of rice and ¼ cup of korma sauce. That’s the same as chicken korma, right? Tasted good, though, and not bad for 643 calories.

I pulled my dinner from the freezer and heated a half portion of chili con carne with a cup of jasmine rice for 205 calories. It’s a great home-cooked meal for 407 calories.

Instead of my usual snacks, I indulged in 2/3 cup of cookie dough ice cream for 230 calories. 


Sunday 30th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 219 Avg. HR: 117
Exercise Ring: 72/30
Move Ring: 720/650
Total steps: 9,974

I don’t normally get a lot of steps at the weekend. I am more of a “Let’s exercise in bursts” kind of person when it’s not a workday. This morning, I wanted to change that a little and did an indoor walk early in my day. For 30-minutes, I got myself moving. I swung my arms and tried to get my heart pumping a little. An average HR of 117 BPM is far higher than I normally achieve during indoor walks, so I am proud of this effort.

The rest of my stats were gathered by committing to getting up and moving throughout the day and not existing as a couch potato.

Calorie Intake: 1486/1528
Fat: 17 %
Carbs: 70 %
Protein: 13 %

Breakfast today was a delightful bowl of oatmeal with 1/8 cups of raisins for a total of 170 calories.  Instead of my usual cup of coffee, I opted for a bottle of Califia’s salted caramel coffee, which is 100 calories of sheer delight.

Lunch was a simple meal of cinnamon raisin bread.  I had a few slices totaling 425 calories. A couple of hours later, I had a snack of 110 calories of Lowfat vanilla yogurt with a cup of sliced strawberries.

By dinner time, I was lacking imagination and reached for some leftovers in my fridge.  I had half a Whole Foods’ BBQ pizza for 475 calories.  I also had a handful of baby carrots with ranch dressing, adding ~150 calories to my day.


Week’s Reflection

Considering I was hoping to focus on my fitness, I didn’t mix things up much this week. Three yoga sessions are an improvement, but I would like to have seen a bit more variety from myself. In terms of calorie intake, I did well! Most days, I was 50-100 calories under budget, which means I should be dropping the weight I gained a couple of weekends ago sometime soon. I liked that I could mix my week with homecooked meals, fruits, yogurt, and the odd treat. It’s good to know I can be sensible and healthy and still have a bit of pizza now and then.

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

I have a pretty boring week ahead. There’s is nothing holding me back from working toward my goals except for my mental strength!


Akin to last week, I ended this one hoping for a bit more commitment on the exercise front. It would be good to do some different workouts, including strength, and maybe finally try a HIIT routine. Apple Fitness has a lot to offer that I am not utilizing. I also want to keep yoga in my exercise bucket. It’s a phenomenal tool for improving flexibility, strength, and mental health all in one.


Cat Corner

When something shocking happens on the television, Raven will let you know all about it. 😂ᓚᘏᗢ

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