Fat to Fit: Week 29

May 31st- Jun 6th, 2021

I’m looking to diversify my workouts this week. To do so, I will rely heavily on Apple Fitness+ to help me through trying something new. My best friend is also willing to work out with me remotely for motivation. I need accountability. Meanwhile, I hope to stay within my calorie budget and not eat my exercise calories!

Body Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225lbs.
Goal Weight: 165 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 180.4 lbs.

Body Fat: 31.0%
Muscle Mass: 117.2 lbs.


Monday 31st

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 458 Avg. HR: 97
Active Calories, Indoor Cycle: 260 Avg. HR: 142
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 518 Avg. HR: 88
Exercise Ring: 143/30
Move Ring: 1,551/650
Total steps: 17,498

I wanted to burn 1000 move calories today. That was how I wanted to “celebrate” Memorial Day. I started on this quest with a 65-minute indoor walk while I watch reruns of ER. I got my heart rate up to 121 BPM during this ~3.5-mile “walk,” which I am pretty pleased with.

I got on my stationary bike for my next trick, knowing this is always a good cardio workout for me. As you can see from the heart trace (left), I am steadily in the 150 BPM zone, which is spot on where I need to be for fat burning. It was hard going near the end, and I pushed myself to do 30 minutes (I had intended to only do 20). Pleased with the effort I put in here.

I rounded off my day with another indoor walk to another episode of ER. Oddly, this walk was shorter in time but longer in the distance. The increase in pace must be accounting for a higher calorie burn than during my first walk, as my heart rate was lower this time around. Again, I’m not sure about the accuracy of these indoor walk trackers.

Overall though, I won’t complain about the effort I put in today. I moved my body a lot, and I burned sufficient calories to earn a couple of badges – a 200% Move goal and a new Move record. I also earned my May challenge badge, which was to work out 17 times for at least 20 minutes during the month.

Calorie Intake: 1,260/1,527
Fat: 24%
Carbs: 54%
Protein: 22%

Another week kicks off with a chocolate caramel peanut Pure Protein bar for 190 calories. Normally, I’d have something else for breakfast a few hours later, but today I didn’t need it. Far easier to keep the calories in check if breakfast is under 200 calories.

Lunch was a home-cooked affair.  I enjoyed a portion of chicken and vegetable orzo for 331 calories.  The dish mixes whatever vegetables you have on hand with some chicken and chicken stock for a couple of hours.  Then, add in a box of orzo and cook for 30 minutes; Voilà, a filling, tasty, healthy meal, is before you.  When I got in from work, I had a couple of bags of Shelia G’s chocolate chip brownie brittle (120 calories each), so I’m considering them as lunch.

For dinner, I had another common meal: Italian Turkey Stew with mashed potatoes. I love mashed potatoes. For dessert, I had a strawberry Mochi ice cream. My dinner was just under 500 calories. 


Tuesday 1st

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, AF+ Yoga: 73 Avg. HR: 90
Exercise Ring: 61/30
Move Ring: 668/650
Total steps: 7,856

My friend and I have made a pact to do an Apple Fitness workout after work together every day. We live 1500 miles apart, so this is all done remotely. Today, we went for yoga and chose something pretty chill as we were both tired after returning to work following the long weekend.

This workout with Jonelle is great if you are a cyclist or are on your feet all day. She stretched your feet and ankles! Not seen that in any of my other yoga workouts before. It was more relaxing and stretching than many others and is a good one to get your body feeling good.

Calorie Intake: 1,222/1,527
Fat: 19%
Carbs: 57%
Protein: 24%

Kicked my breakfast off with a chocolate peanut caramel Pure Protein bar for 190 calories.  I know that protein makes you feel fuller, more satiated, so it’s why I am sticking with it as my breakfast.  It isn’t a magical bar, though, and I do feel the hunger in the mid-morning.  I had a 130-calorie Nutri-grain bar to deal with those pangs.

I had a portion of chicken and vegetable orzo for lunch and dinner. It’s just 331 calories per portion, and it combines peppers, carrots, celery, and chicken stock. It’s been one of my favorite meals recently. What’s better is that it heats well in the microwave after being frozen so that you can eat it with a spoon!

I had two bags of Shelia’s chocolate chip brownie brittle today as snacks/dessert.  Each bag is 120 calories, and you get a lot of great-tasting delight for that amount.  Always good to have these in my cupboard for the days that I want something chocolatey without eating too many calories!


Wednesday 2nd

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, AF+ HIIT: 195 Avg. HR: 152
Exercise Ring: 46/30
Move Ring: 783/650
Total steps: 9,782

After a light exercise day yesterday, I suggested that we try a HIIT workout for the first time on Apple Fitness. I had no idea of what I was getting myself into.

My body looked desolated by the end of this. The jumping jack challenge almost killed me, where we were to perform burpee in between the jumping sets. I gave it my all, though, and I am proud of the effort I put in. Right now, 20-minutes is all I can do, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

Calorie Intake: 1,378/1,527
Fat: 20%
Carbs: 55%
Protein: 25%

Consistency is the key to a good health plan.  There is a lot of value in grabbing food without having to consider it’s worth each time. You can get caught up in counting calories, macros, micros… and never find a way to enjoy your food. That’s what I have found with my breakfast – I just know that my Pure Protein bar works for me, and I like what it is fueling my body with. I had one and then a Nutri-grain bar later, as per usual.

I created a new dish: curried chicken and spinach ziti. It is a straightforward recipe that combines a bag of frozen chopped spinach, frozen mixed mushrooms, chicken breast, curry powder, bouillon, and ziti.  I cook it all in a slow cooker for a couple of hours. I’ll admit, this is not the most visually appealing dish, as the chopped spinach tends to dominate.  However, it is delicious, and each portion is only 334 calories.

Dinner was another portion of my chicken and vegetable orzo dish for 331 calories.  I had dessert today, too – a cup of sliced strawberries with a serving of Whole Foods’ Lowfat vanilla yogurt for 163 calories total.

After a lighter calorie day yesterday, I used some of today’s budget on 2/3 cup of Whole Foods’ cookie dough ice cream.  I love ice cream almost as much as I love chocolate!


Thursday 3rd

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, AF+ Yoga: 127 Avg. HR:
Exercise Ring: 65/30
Move Ring: 860/650
Total steps: 10,496

Following a grueling HIIT workout yesterday (my first ever), I went for a slightly easier day. Having said that, yoga pushes me hard. Molly got my heart rate up with this flow, including plenty of shoulder work and position holds.

Molly is one of my go-to instructors. If doing yoga with her can help me have a body like hers when I am older – sign me up for more!

Calorie Intake: 1,419/1,527
Fat: 22%
Carbs: 56%
Protein: 22%

I must be close to setting some sort of streak record with my breakfast choice! Same as pretty much always – a Pure Protein bar and a Nutri-grain bar combine to give me a 320 calorie breakfast.

Italian Turkey Stew and a cup of mashed potatoes were my lunch today. There’s something about mashed potatoes that makes me feel like I am eating a “proper” meal.  It’s probably to do with the rarity at which was had them growing up – it seemed like a treat. A truly great lunch for 319 calories.

For dinner, I had a portion of curried chicken and spinach ziti for 334 calories.  While I cannot eat this with a spoon, it still tastes way better than it looks. To my dinner, I added 63 calories of baby carrots and 90 calories of ranch dressing.

Today’s snacks were a cup of sliced strawberries with Lowfat vanilla yogurt (163 calories) and a strawberry Nutri-grain bar (130 calories).


Friday 4th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, AF+ HIIT: 195 Avg. HR:
Exercise Ring: 48/30
Move Ring: 857/650
Total steps: 10,980

Another HIIT workout to end the workweek. Stuck to 20-minutes, as that was all my body could tolerate a couple of days ago. I was right to not up to it to 30-minutes – I was a puddle of an exhausted human at the end of this.

I’m not sure if it was fatigue or my lack of coordination, but I found the moves in this workout tougher to execute. Perhaps it was because they were compound movements, and that’s too much for me to process while my heart is beating that hard. Either way, it was a damn good workout that helped burn off some of that donut I had earlier. I earned my HIIT workout record too!

Calorie Intake: 1,398/1,527
Fat: 10%
Carbs: 61%
Protein: 29%

Did you know that it was national donut day? I certainly didn’t. So, it was quite a surprise when I arrived at work to find dozens of donuts for us to celebrate with.  They came from a local place – Paula’s Donuts – and I was amazed by their size and variety.  I had quite the dilemma of choosing which donut to have in place of my breakfast. Ultimately I went for their take on a Boston crème, which was a Bavarian chocolate donut.  I’m sure the connoisseurs out there can tell me the difference, but I don’t eat enough donuts to know the distinction! I estimate that the donut was 300 calories, but it may have been more because, as I stated, they are rather substantial.

I returned to healthy eating with a portion of chicken and vegetable orzo for 331 calories for lunch. Dinner, too, was a helping of good food. I served curried chicken and spinach ziti (334 calories) with 110 calories of Lowfat vanilla yogurt and a cup of sliced strawberries.

Alas, there were too many donuts left at the end of my shift, so I took another home that I ate after work.  I went for jam and cream donut. I must say, it was amazing.  I estimate that it set me back 270 calories, but that could be up to 20% incorrect.  Eating two donuts in a single day seems like it should have destroyed my budget, but it didn’t. There’s even a bit of room left for miscalculations. I should also note that I felt a bit blah later at night from all that sugar!


Saturday 5th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, AF+ Strength: 133 Avg. HR: 134
Exercise Ring: 103/30
Move Ring: 999/650
Total steps: 13,025

My friend went and purchased some weights so we could do strength exercises routines together. I wanted to do a Sam workout straight away – having loved both the strength training workouts I had done with her previously. What made this choice easier? Her routine was inspired by Pride; from the music to her motivation, it was all centered around loving who you are.

The workout itself was four moves, reducing by one for each circuit until the final set was just one move. I love how her routines build and build, with reps being the difficulty. I trust this instructor, and dare I say it? Yes, her workouts are about as fun as a strength workout could be.

Calorie Intake: 1,565/1,527
Fat: 30%
Carbs: 53%
Protein: 17%

I had a simple food day today.  Breakfast was a bottle of Carnation breakfast essentials – chocolate flavor.  I came to possess four of these and decided to have one in a quest to use them up.  Tasted exactly how you’d expect it to – like chocolate milk. I’m more than content to have these products as they offer balance and the vitamins that I may be lacking otherwise.

My drink for breakfast did leave me sort of hungry, so I cooked a Whole Foods’ BBQ chicken pizza fairly early in the day.  I then munched on the entire thing during the late morning and early afternoon. The entire pizza took up 950 calories of my budget.

I thought something green would be appropriate for dinner, so I prepared a Southwest salad from Whole Foods (375 calories).  It was one of those salad kits, where you add the packaged dressing and topping to the leaves. Though it wasn’t my favorite salad kit, it tasted pretty good. However, I most likely won’t order it again.  Regardless, it was the sort of dinner I needed.


Sunday 6th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories Core AF: 48 Avg. HR: 109
Active Calories Mindful Cooldown AF: 46 Avg. HR: 99
Exercise Ring: 98/30
Move Ring: 849/650
Total steps: 13,171

I wanted to try something a little different to end my week. Core routines are only either 5 or ten minutes, so I chose the latter. I selected Sam as my instructor as I have liked her stuff when doing strength routines.

She made some great moves that were new to me and worked my core enough to have some slight soreness afterward. That’s how I know I was working those muscles!

The rest of my ring stats came from moving throughout the day.

Calorie Intake: 1,425/1,527
Fat: 25%
Carbs: 46%
Protein: 29%

It might be the weekend, but I still reached for a Pure Protein bar to kick off my day. I paired it with a salted caramel cold brew for 100 calories.  I enjoyed my breakfast while sitting in a sunbeam and reading a book.

For lunch, I cooked haddock fillets and salad shrimp in a hoisin sauce in the oven.  I mixed some of the hoisin sauce into jasmine rice with a little garlic salt.  I then portioned out my creation to include 170 calories of fish, 70 calories of sauce, and 200 calories of rice. I also added 82 calories of broccoli to each serving.  Quite a different meal for 527 calories total.

A bagel with tuna salad was on the menu for dinner tonight. The base was an everything bagel (280 calories), to which I added 10 dill pickle slices to give my sandwich the desired crunch. The tuna salad itself was 150 calories of tuna and 170 calories of mayonnaise – I like my salad pretty “wet.” All in, my dinner sandwich was 608 calories. 


Week’s Reflection

I did everything I set out to do this week. That makes me proud and happy.

First, I took on Apple Fitness and tried something new. I did my first HIIT and core workouts! I racked up some decent move stats through the week, so I am pleased with my efforts on that front.

In terms of food intake, I ate within my budget and mostly ate okay. A few blips with donuts and a frozen pizza could have been replaced with better choices. Nonetheless, it was a solid week and shouldn’t set me back.

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

Utterly free and normal week ahead. Nothing is holding me back from building on this weeks’ success.


I’d like to extend my Apple Fitness workout streak. From HIIT to yoga, doing different exercises can only be a good thing for my body overall. I would like to increase my muscle mass, especially in my upper body. Therefore including more than one strength workout next week is preferable.


Cat Corner

I put their toys on the rug as a play zone. All three fur babies understood and hung out there one afternoon. I swear Toodles is becoming friends with the “twins.” 🙌ᓚᘏᗢ

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