Fat to Fit: Week 38

August 2nd – August 8th, 2021

I have not made the best choices recently. Yes, they aren’t catastrophic, but they aren’t helping my journey. I fall short of my best effort between eating processed foods and taking a lackadaisical approach to exercise. I hope to step things up this week and feel satisfied with my efforts by its end.

Body Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225lbs.
Goal Weight: 165 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 182.0 lbs.

Body Fat: 32.2 %
Muscle Mass: 117.0 lbs.


Monday 2nd

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 301 Avg. HR:105
Active Calories, Indoor Cycle: 207 Avg. HR:113
Exercise Ring: 79/30
Move Ring: 1,007/600
Total steps: 10,935

I got my body moving quite a bit today! I started with my normal movement at work before destroying my rings during the evening. First, I enjoyed an indoor walk, which constitutes doing circuits and a fair bit of marching on the spot. I went as far as doing a little bit of on-the-spot jogging to get my heart rate up to near 130 BPM at times. While walking, I made sure to move my arms more than required for the action. During the second half of the walk, I had a 3 lb. weight in each hand to increase the intensity of each step.

Following my walk, I did 30-minutes on the Desk Cycle to keep the fat burn going. I set the Cycle to a resistance level of four, which was enough to feel challenging but not too hard that I couldn’t get a decent cadence. While the Desk Cycle isn’t designed for a hard workout, it can be used for this purpose. Alas, I don’t have the ideal setup for it to be used that way as I don’t have the right chair! Regardless, I am pleased with my effort, building a fair bit of sweat during these few minutes.

Calorie Intake: 1,501/1,526
Fat: 23%
Carbs: 55%
Protein: 22%

I had a strange breakfast to start my week. First, when I got into work, there was a Kinder Joy on my desk. It’s not as though I was special – everyone got one. We watched some Olympics in a conference room during some downtime, and I ate my chocolate surprise — 110 calories on the board. Unsurprisingly, a child’s chocolate surprise wasn’t enough to satiate me, so I went straight for the Stonyfield high-protein parfait that I brought with me to provide a proper breakfast. I love these 250-calorie meals in a cup.

Snacks were on the menu for lunch. First, I savored a chocolate chip Clif bar (250 calories). A few hours later, I needed a chocolate deluxe Pure Protein bar to quell the hunger. There is a lot of chocolate in my diet already, and it’s only Monday.

I prepared a sandwich for dinner. Between two slices of 8-grain bread (220 calories), I layered dill pickles (5 calories), a piece of provolone cheese (80 calories), and four slices of smoked turkey (60 calories). To accompany my sandwich, I had a lovely packet of baked Lays chips for 120 calories.

I enjoyed 2 cups of strawberries (106 calories) and three Twizzlers (120 calories) for snacks.


Tuesday 3rd

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 46/30
Move Ring: 756/650
Total steps: 10,352

I didn’t get in a good workout today despite crushing my ring stats. I adjusted my move calorie goal to 650, as this is a burn level that I think is appropriate for me. I know that I will push myself to burn whatever that ring needs, so setting it a little higher can only be good for my health. I got most of my stats today while at work, finishing them off after returning home and doing a little bit of marching before bed. I didn’t track that march, but it was similar to yesterday. I like to hold the 3 lb. weights while I march now, as that’s an easy way to keep my heart rate elevated without having to overthink! Generally, I watch television while I work on closing my rings.

Calorie Intake: 1,527/1,526
Fat: 30%
Carbs: 50%
Protein: 20%

A more typical breakfast today, with a chocolate peanut caramel Pure Protein bar for 190 calories.

For lunch, I had a Soylent shake made from v1.9 powder for 400 calories. I used to drink Soylent for breakfast and lunch as it was nutritionally complete and easy to drink over time. I have quite a bit to use, so expect a few shakes shortly.

Dinner was one of convenience; half of a chicken and barbecue thin-crust pizza from Whole Foods (left) for 475 calories. I have eaten a lot of pizza recently, and I aim to make this selection healthier until I can forgo it altogether. To that end, I prepared 1 ½ cups of chopped broccoli for 82 calories. I sprinkled a little garlic salt on my veggies to make them pop.

Today’s snacks were a peanut butter banana Clif bar (260 calories) and three Twizzlers for 120 calories.


Wednesday 4th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 33/30
Move Ring: 652/650
Total steps: 9,981

Compared to the previous two days, this was a rather lazy one for me. I did neither a workout nor did I try and smash my rings. Instead, I did the bare minimum required to keep my streaks going and then called it a day. I have no excuse for taking this approach; I was neither busy nor in any physical pain. As usual, I had a fair deficit between what I burn at work and my goal, which I made up right before bed by moving around my apartment. I did a little session with weights, but my heart wasn’t really in it. A few reps of sit-ups were more than enough for my motivation today.


Calorie Intake: 1,512/1,526
Fat: 30%
Carbs: 50%
Protein: 20%

Nothing atypical about breakfast today! My usual Pure Protein bar was paired with a medium banana, bringing my meal to 295 calories.

Lunch was a 400-calorie serving of Soylent. I prepare my powder by blitzing it in my Ninja blender the night before. I find an overnight maturity makes the shake taste far superior to a freshly prepared one.

Dinner was the same as yesterday – where I had the other half of the pizza with the broccoli. I mindfully ate a slice of pizza, then ate several broccoli pieces in that order until I was finished. Such an eating method helped me savor the pizza!

I had one snack today, opting for a white chocolate and macadamia nut Clif bar (260 calories) on this occasion.


Thursday 5th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 28/15
Move Ring: 444/400
Total steps: 4,865

My stats are woeful today because I was feeling very unwell. I even suspected that I might have COVD-19 and got tested to be sure. I spent most of my day napping and lowered my ring thresholds early in the day. I met them only by getting up and doing a bit of walking, but that was too much for me after a short time. There’s not much to say about fitness stats when you lay down for the bulk of the day, so I’ll leave it at that.

Calorie Intake: 1,145/1,526
Fat: 29%
Carbs: 52%
Protein: 19%

This morning I blended a banana with 200 calories of Soylent power to make a breakfast shake. My Soylent is half chocolate, half original, so it created an excellent flavor profile.

I kept up my reliance on meal replacement shakes with another 400-calorie portion of Soylent for lunch. I enjoy drinking my shakes; the fact that I sip them over a long period prevents me from seeking a snack. Today though, the shakes were all about convivence as I wasn’t feeling well. It’s easier to drink one of these than face a meal when you’re feeling run down.

For dinner, I went for the classic ill person food – soup. I had a can of Progresso’s chicken noodle with two slices of bread to bulk it up. I hoped that taking on enough calories would help in my energy levels for the next day.


Friday 6th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 4/15
Move Ring: 209/200
Total steps: 1,351

I felt beyond terrible overnight, with a slight fever and a headache that dominated my thoughts. Consequently, doing anything other than sleeping and listening to podcasts when awake seemed impossible. My physical stats of the day reflect this. I suspected I had managed to get the Delta variant, despite being vaccinated. However, my negative COVID test confirmed that I had caught nothing more than a nasty cold or mild flu.

Calorie Intake: 1,010/1,526
Fat: 22%
Carbs: 60%
Protein: 18%

I felt worse this morning; thus, I opted for a Carnation Breakfast Essential shake I found in my fridge for 240 calories. I didn’t want anything, and this seemed to be the easiest way to get some calories on board.

Another can of soup was my choice for lunch, this time opting for chicken and wild rice flavor. Alas, it was only 180 calories, but it was hot and was all I could manage.
I went for Garden Vegetable classic soup by Progresso by dinner time – another meager 180 calories added to the day.

I knew I hadn’t had enough, and I was starting to feel a bit better by late evening. I made a Soylent shake for 400 calories and slowly sipped that. I needed the energy to heal!


Saturday 7th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 38/30
Move Ring: 430/400
Total steps: 3,282

I started to feel better today and forced myself to move a bit. I didn’t do anything particularly energetic; instead, I got up once in a while and did a little bit of walking around the apartment. Such movement had the benefit of helping me loosen some sore, stiff, and unused muscles, as well as helping me get a few stats on the board. I did a couple of mindful cooldowns on Apple Fitness to assist with these goals too. With feeling better, I might be able to do more tomorrow.

Calorie Intake: 1,410/1,526
Fat: 30%
Carbs: 51%
Protein: 19%

Feeling like I was over the worst, I decided that I could try some solid food after a day of liquids! For breakfast, I made a bowl of instant oatmeal with 1/8 cup of raisins for 170 calories.

Lunch was another can of soup – chicken noodle – I ate it with a couple of slices of bread to bring the meal’s calorie content up to 440.

I made a couple of Soylent shakes in the morning; for dinner and throughout the evening, I drank both of them, adding a much-needed 800 calories to my day. It’s good to have meal replacements on hand for moments such as these. I didn’t feel much like eating, yet I was drinking close to what my body requires.


Sunday 8th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 40/30
Move Ring: 461/400
Total steps: 7,183

I left my ring goals the same today, despite feeling better. Knowing that I had a whole week ahead, I didn’t want to push myself too much! As the evening wore on, I marched a little to close my rings. Other than that, I didn’t feel up to much else.

Calorie Intake: 1,360/1,526
Fat: 18%
Carbs: 69%
Protein: 13%

Despite having more energy, I had an extremely lazy breakfast! I saw my box of Nutri-Grain bars, and I ate three in total for my first meal of the day. I just kept devouring them until I felt satisfied. I suppose it could be said that I had my appetite back.

I prepared a pot of elbows pasta for lunch, mixing in a jar of Whole Foods marinara sauce. I intended to make enough for leftovers for the week, so I prepared the entire box of pasta. For this meal, I consumed 300 calories of pasta and 45 calories of sauce.

I had another portion of pasta and marinara for dinner, topping it off with a slice of melted provolone cheese, adding 80 calories to the meal. I treated myself to a 100-calories frozen fudge bar for dessert.

I had one snack today, mainly because it was about to expire, and I hate wasting food. I tried and oat milk cold brew yogurt for 100 calories. It’s not something I have tried before, both oat milk yogurt and the flavor. I would say it was okay, maybe a 6/10. Not something I would personally buy again, but glad I tried it.


Week’s Reflection

It wasn’t much of a week for fitness and working out. My illness affected all but Monday, with my energy being zapped before I knew illness was propagating within me.

It’s hard to pass judgment on a week of nutrition when I was sick for half of it. My calorie intake was vastly reduced for a few days, well below what I usually nourish my body with. Yet, my weight still didn’t drop. Typically, I see a couple of pounds lost and quickly regained after feeling ill for a few days. Therefore, this result surprised me. Regardless, before sickness derailed my week, I was eating slightly better than I have done recently. Yes, I am referring to the portions of broccoli that I paired with my pizza addiction. It’s progress, even if minute.

I am getting back into drinking meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch. These products appeal to me as they get vitamins and minerals into my body that I don’t otherwise consume. Of course, Soylent and similar products are designed to be nutritionally complete when consuming 2000 calories a day, which I am not. However, RDA’s of most vitamins and minerals are inaccurate, and I wasn’t hitting anywhere near them with my diet anyway. I do have a multivitamin to take to help with any deficits, and I think this way of getting nutrition suits me. I did restart consuming Soylent to use up my stock, but I consider this a more permanent feature of my diet.

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

Nothing on the social calendar this week! SHould be full steam ahead, assuming I continue to feel better.


I want to recover from my illness and get my energy back. Next week, I aspire to start back into exercising regularly. I’ll probably build slowly, with some yoga, and then go from there.

Next week, my desire for nutrition is to keep drinking a Soylent shake per day to work through my supply and determine how this product makes me feel. I want to pay attention to energy level, sluggishness after eating, sleep patterns, and satiation. If I can feel content and healthy drinking mostly shakes, it could be an excellent tool to eating better calories than frozen pizza and fudge bars. I’ll never be a person that eats fresh every day, nor one that treats their body as a temple. However, meal replacement shakes may be a way to get onto a better nutritional track.


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2 comments on “Fat to Fit: Week 38

  1. Anonymous

    Your weight isn’t moving because your metabolism is nonexistent from the dieting and inconsistent movement. You’re not consistently eating nearly enough calories for your size or pushing yourself hard with exercise. Your TSH values are probably thrashed from years of dieting and yo-yoing and restricting and overeating. CICO is not what it’s all about and hormones and nutrition play a large role in weight loss. Up your calories to 1,800 and actuallly hit it each day, focus on whole foods and less junk and move your body more intensely a few times a week. And maybe go outside. This is from the summer and you never mention going outside ever. Why do you only stay inside?


    • Callie B. Scott

      Thanks for reading and leaving some interesting comments. I should probably get my TSH checked; I hadn’t considered that element at all. I usually eat what my app says for 1.5 lbs weight loss a week, around 1500 calories. In the beginning, I was doing 1 lbs loss a week, eating around 1800 and nothing happened either. Again, you raise a point I may have missed. Less isn’t doing anything, so I should consume more. My nutrition isn’t the best, and I often state there is much room for improvement. I do consider CICO to be a simple equation, and that may have been misguided. I have taken your thoughts on board, and I will use them to reconsider my approach. Even to go outside more.


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