Fat to Fit: Week 43

September 6th – September 12th, 2021

I’m starting my week in Houston, which has curtailed my progress for a few days. I have consumed more calories and moved less than is typical. If I want to give myself a pass, I can attest that I have made better choices than I would have a year ago. It could be another sub-par week with a day in Houston and a two-day car journey home ahead. However, I have four days when home to get back into Huel for nutrition and get my body moving to regain some fitness. Let’s see how my week goes.

Body Stats:

Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225 lbs.
Goal Weight: 165 lbs.
Week’s Ending Weight: 182.0 lbs.

Body Fat: 31.6 %
Muscle Mass: 117.0 lbs.


Monday 6th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 109 Avg. HR: 102
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 181 Avg. HR: 109
Exercise Ring: 32/30
Move Ring: 662/650
Total steps: 11,788

I did a couple of walks around the couch at my friend’s house in Houston today. I’ve found that this is far better in terms of heart rate, thus cardio output, than marching on the spot. We knew we would be out for most of the day, so I got this first walk done beforehand to ensure I got my exercise minutes checked off. Alas, my Apple Watch didn’t consider any of this walking exercise. 😖

After the large meal and ice cream, I needed to get my body moving! Walk two was of the same ilk – walking around the couch in circles while we watched television. I kept stepping until my rings were closed. Thankfully, my watch considered this attempt exercise.

I got a lot of steps in today, but it wasn’t a day of exercise that I would write home about. At least I didn’t spend the entire day sitting and eating.

Calorie Intake: 2,219/1,526
Fat: 38%
Carbs: 47%
Protein: 15%

The final day in Houston and breakfast was a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I had ~200 calories of dry cereal.

Lunch was a hodge-podge of what weekend leftovers. I had half a peanut caramel chocolate Pure Protein bar (100 calories), 200 calories of the Freschetta pepperoni pizza we had on Friday night, and finally some tortilla chips with queso (348 calories). In total, it was a large lunch, eaten over several hours, for 653 calories.

For a birthday dinner, I took my friend to a steak house. She had a lovely surf and turf, and I decided on a burger (left). With all these fixings and waffle fries, I didn’t finish my meal. A rare incident indeed! It’s called the Roadhouse Deluxe burger and is valued at 770 calories.

On the way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen for birthday ice cream. It was the desired treat instead of cake! I ordered a small raspberry fudge bliss. I didn’t realize it was 600 calories until I entered it into my log! It was tasty, but I did feel my stomach was heavy after the burger and ice cream. I’ll get the mini size in the future.

I wasn’t surprised to see that I consumed over 2,200 calories today. I ate a lot of processed junk food. At the time, I didn’t think I was binging, but I don’t know how else to classify so many calories. It was a birthday, so maybe that makes it socially acceptable. Regardless, I feel a bit disappointed in myself.


Tuesday 7th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 53/30
Move Ring: 808/650
Total steps: 7,553

Back in the car for the day, thus getting a proper workout on the books wasn’t feasible. I repeated my methodology during my drive to Houston and took 5-10 minute walks each time I had to stop for gas or a rest. These add up, as you can see. However, some of these move calories are erroneous – coming from me enjoying music and moving my arms elaborately. It wasn’t intentional, and I hope I did meet my 600-calorie move goal as I intended.

Calorie Intake: 1,560/1,526
Fat: 37%
Carbs: 41%
Protein: 22%

Last week, I used Huel shakes to help me get through the long drive without eating junk food from rest stops. I went for the same approach today, making a shake for breakfast and lunch.

By dinner, I was hankering for something, most likely a side-effect from eating out all weekend. While getting gas, there was Taco John’s, which sold 200-calorie bacon guacamole street tacos. I ordered two, and it was a fantastic 400-calories.

For snacks, I had three Kinder Bueno’s (120 calories each). I had them periodically as I traveled through the states.

With Huel, I balanced junk and nutrition, so I started to meander back to the track. Thank goodness.


Wednesday 8th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 301 Avg. HR: 88
Exercise Ring: 46/30
Move Ring: 689/650
Total steps: 7,286

After my long drive, I made some progress on my rings once I arrived in Buffalo. First, I had to cart all of my belongings into the house (what I drove to Houston for), which built up a fair bit of sweat!

After some rest, I walked on the spot while watching an episode of television to close my rings. My heart rate didn’t increase much, so it wasn’t an all-out effort on my part. If anything, it was an attempt to get the stats I needed and make my body move after sitting in a car for two days straight. If I want to be fit, I’ll have to do a lot more than this going forward.

Calorie Intake: 1,712/1,556
Fat: 32%
Carbs: 49%
Protein: 19%

I caved and had the cardinal sin of breakfast junk food to munch an hour into my drive today – a sausage and egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. These 470 were fantastic for three bites; then, it tasted a bit salty, and guilt set in. For the first time in my life, I didn’t eat the McMuffin in one go. I ate it over 90 minutes or so – having a bite then purposefully pausing before consuming more. This method got me through quite a few miles without feeling too tired.

I prepared a Huel for lunch at that stop (I like it to sit in the water a while before drinking it as it tastes better to me). So, I had a nutritious 400 calories on the road.

My issue today was buying a packet of gummy worms at a gas station. I was exhausted and wanted the sugar – yes, I bought them simultaneously as the McMuffin. It was a weak moment! The gummies added 322 calories to my day, and I am pleased to say I threw the rest away. I ate the last of my Kinder Bueno’s on the road too.

When I got home, I made a serving of Huel Hot and Savory sweet and sour for dinner. Back to normal, away from temptation. The binge is over. Thank God for Huel in my life.


Thursday 9th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Indoor Walk: 206 Avg. HR: 105
Exercise Ring: 33/30
Move Ring: 674/650
Total steps: 9,710

I was back at work today, meaning walking in and out and around the lab got my rings off to a good start.

At night, I embarked on another indoor walk. This time, however, I put some energy into it. I made sure to move around the apartment rather than march and put a three lb. weight in each hand. I listened to the end of an audiobook that I’d started in the car during my walk. It was a good distraction and better for keeping up a pace than television, where I can get sidetracked by the screen. It wasn’t the most challenging walk, but it burned a few calories.

Calorie Intake: 1,430/1,556
Fat: 25%
Carbs: 51%
Protein: 24%

Today was mainly about Huel, my go-to tool for nutrition and limiting the incidence of bad choices! I needed something a little more than the 1,200 Huel calories, so I had a nice little snack when I got hungry later at night.

Breakfast: Huel caffe latte shake – 400 calories
Lunch: Huel caffe latte shake – 400 calories
Dinner: Huel Hot and Savory yellow coconut curry – 400 calories
Snack: A pot of Rice A Roni cheddar broccoli – 230 calories


Friday 10th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 31/30
Move Ring: 668/650
Total steps: 7,854

I was utterly exhausted today and took things easy. I walked a lot at work, which made a good dent in the rings. I did a little weight work and some stretches with resistance bands to make my body feel better during the evening.

I continued to move until my rings were closed, and then I collapsed in a heap in bed.

Calorie Intake: 1,310/1,556
Fat: 32%
Carbs: 46%
Protein: 22%

Now that I am back to my daily routine, I can make better choices for nutrition. Yes, I am using nearly 100% meal replacements to achieve this. I did have a lovely packet of chips, though. 😉

Breakfast: Huel caffe latte shake – 400 calories
Lunch: Soylent cocoa powder, V1.9 – 400 calories
Dinner: Huel Hot and Savory sweet and sour – 400 calories
Snack: A packet of Lay’s baked potato chips – 110 calories


Saturday 11th

Workout and Movement:
Exercise Ring: 55/30
Move Ring: 672/650
Total steps: 8,594

I was feeling pretty run down today – I think the past ten days are catching up with me. I spent most of the day on the couch, watching television (sport) and writing at my computer. I did force myself to get up and walk outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air and take in the beautiful day. The weather was refreshing compared to the searing heat of Houston. I ran a few errands, too, accounting for most of my exercise minutes and move calories. When I realized my rings were closed, I didn’t have the motivation to do anything else.

Calorie Intake: 1,500/1,556
Fat: 30%
Carbs: 45%
Protein: 25%

It was 100% meal replacement day. I am finding it easy to keep track of my calories and space my shakes throughout the day to avoid hunger. I know this nutrition method won’t appeal to many people, but it works for me and my single life right now. I got some new Blender Bottles too!

Breakfast: Huel caffe latte shake – 400 calories
Lunch: Huel Hot and Savory sweet and sour – 400 calories
Dinner: Huel Hot and Savory yellow coconut curry – 400 calories
Evening: Cacao Soylent – 200 calories, and salted caramel Huel- 100 calories (mixed).


Sunday 12th

Workout and Movement:
Active Calories, Rowing: 47 Avg. HR: 126
Active Calories, Outdoor Walk: 1,201 Avg. HR: 139
Exercise Ring: 188/30
Move Ring: 1,436/650
Total steps: 21,164

I started a fundraiser to try and motivate myself to get fit by raising money for animal shelters. It is so far dramatically unsuccessful! However, I got a couple of donations, so I wanted to complete my first challenge – to walk 10 miles. Today was the day.

Read a full report here.

I did the 10-mile walk by trekking to Delaware Park and making a few loops to complete the distance. It took me three hours. I was utterly exhausted by this walk, likely from an elevated heart rate the entire time. The park has a deceptive hill, and you can see from my heart trace each time I hit it. The lower heart rate at the end is because I arrived back at my house with a bit of distance to go, so I had to walk around the apartment to get my miles! I went a little over the 10-miles to accommodate this discrepancy.

Before my walk, I tried out my rower that I brought from Houston to figure out where it might go in my apartment and make sure it was functioning. I only rowed for five minutes as I was conserving my energy for the walk. My rower will be excellent cardio, and I should make an effort to incorporate that into my routine.

Calorie Intake: 1,700/1,556
Fat: 32%
Carbs: 46%
Protein: 22%

I gave my body a few more calories today after that long, exhausting walk. I didn’t feed my body with the correct nutrition for the walk, and I paid dearly for it. There was a lot of Hot and Savory in my day – something which I increasingly enjoy as my palate adjusts to Huel.

Brunch: Huel Hot and Savory sweet and sour – 400 calories
Lunch: Huel Hot and Savory sweet and sour – 400 calories
Dinner: Huel Hot and Savory Mexican Chili – 400 calories
Post Workout: Cacao Soylent V1.9 – 500 calories


Week’s Reflection

The early part of my week was a hot mess concerning nutrition. I can see clear points where I could have improved upon even the wrong choices. I’m increasingly thinking about how fleeting food is and whether that brief moment of consumption pleasure is worth the long-term effects. Ultimately, I am deciding no. I am not strong with willpower, so removing temptation is the key for me. As the week ended, my nutrition improved significantly. I am pleased with how simple food has become, and suddenly consuming good calories is now my norm.

Do I miss non-replacement food? Not especially. I receive a lot of joy in knowing I didn’t eat junk, and I am not filled with regret when I write about it here, either!

I have been walking a lot recently, but it wasn’t until Sunday that I turned it into an actual exercise. I didn’t set myself up for success on that walk, but it still surprised me how challenging I found it. 10-miles is what I can walk on a busy day, but it’s an entirely different affair when it is all at once, in the rain, uphill. I have a lot of work to do if I want to run a marathon before my 40th birthday. It’s a challenge I have set myself. Hopefully, I can raise some money for animals in the process!

Upcoming Week

Potential Roadblocks

Back to my routine now. The only issue is how long does a Huel delivery take?

Fitness-wise, it will depend on how long it takes me to recover!


My free bag of Huel caffe latte is almost finished – time to order some more! They have a variety of flavors in their powder range, so I will need to decide what mix is right for me. Options are a nice change from Soylent, which only sells two flavors in their powder range – original and cacao. Adding a bit of variety to the shake flavor has to help with the enjoyment of the meal regimen, right?

My feet hurt from my walk, so I imagine I’ll need a couple of days to recover from pounding the pavement. After that, I’d like to see myself improve my fitness and do more intensive cardio to build stamina. Soon, I will begin the couch to 5K program. Running should whip me into shape.


Cat Corner

The “Twins” rarely sleep on my bed. I think it’s fair to say they missed me as much as I missed them. 💕ᓚᘏᗢ

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