Welcome! My name is Callie. I grew up in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States in 2009 for graduate school. Now, in my mid-thirties, I am taking my passion for writing seriously.

When I was a teenager I fancied the idea of being a screenwriter. This vision for my future promoted me to film school and I got a degree. By the time I graduated though, the industry didn’t feel like the right fit for me.  My interests switched to science and my dream of writing for a living wilted.

A few years ago, however, I started reading fanfiction. A lot of fanfiction. I realized after a while that I had been looking for a specific story that no one else had written.  I wish I had paid attention to that precise moment. What the spark was that made me pick up my laptop and have the audacity to contribute to the Swan Queen fandom. That way I could tell you about it. Alas, I can’t describe it to you.

Secretly, I wrote two chapters before I showed them to my best friend. I waited for her approval before I posted them. To my surprise, people started to find, read, and amazingly, like my story, “A Cup of Coffee and a Bubble Bath.” What I didn’t know, couldn’t have known, was that this 200,000 word, 28 chapter story was about to consume six months of my life.  Each week I churned out an average of 7,000 words. I’d get reviews, more reads, new people wanting to talk to me about my story. I felt amazing. I felt accomplished. When the story ended, the high from writing it died, and I grieved for the loss of those characters and their lives in my head.

After a while, I wrote a few shorter pieces, before embarking on the next novel-length adventure. I’m actually adapting that story, “Fighting for an Escape,” into what I hope to be my first published work. I was working diligently on the sequel when it was suggested to me I should think about publishing original stories instead of writing fanfiction.

This idea sat for me for a long time.  Publishing meant leaving the relative safety of the fanfiction world. I wouldn’t have the rules of predefined characters and expected relationships to guide my tales. It also meant I had to assess my level of talent.  Do I have the required talent to write a story worthy of payment?  I guess that remains to be seen! Ultimately though, I’m willing to put the work in and see where the publishing journey takes me.

The greatest obstacle for me finishing a manuscript isn’t an idea, but rather finding the time. I have a full-time job. A girlfriend. A passion for sports!  I don’t know how I was able to write with such discipline back in 2016. I’d imagine it was setting deadlines and knowing that it was expected I’d post a chapter each Sunday! I’ve learned a lot during that time though.  I know my writing is improving continously as I cringe at the text I wrote a couple of years ago. I hope to continue to grow and I want to use these virtual pages to share my experience of going from fanfiction to published author.

It will be a long road.  One that I expect to be tainted with hard work, rejection, disappointment, and frustration. I’m such a wonderful person that I want to share every morsel of this horrific journey with you. šŸ˜›

To learning, improving, growing, creating, and writing.

-Love, Callie.