Callie Review

I decided to start this section of my blog because I love finding products that make life just a little bit easier or better. I wouldn’t want to keep such information to myself! In my personal life, I rarely suggest something to someone unless I fully endorse it and think it’s appropriate for that person. That will be far harder through my blog. It’ll be more of you getting to know my taste and working out if it coincides with yours at all.

Am I qualified to write a review website? Well, I have opinions, I use things, I can analyze products and determine if they work. I’m pretty confident in my ability to tell you if a product crashes, disintegrates after a few months, or tastes like it has been on a compost heap for several days when it comes right out of the packet. Will my opinion be the same as yours? I would suspect not on everything. Such diversity though is what makes choice exist. 🙂

I don’t see the need to limit myself to a few topics like most people do. We all need toilet paper. Most of us buy tinned food to keep in our cupboards. Millions of us part with hundreds of dollars for wireless headphones or nearer a thousand for a new phone. Wouldn’t it be great to know it any of these things were actually worth the money?

Most of all, I hope you enjoy my adventure through life, one review at a time. 

-Love, Callie.