Fat to Fit: Week 24

April 26th – May 2nd, 2021 I’m coming off the back of a successful week, having dropped over a pound! I’m shaking off the effects of vaccine dose two, but I am ready to get another solid week under my belt. My focus this week is to move more and to keep junk food toContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 23

April 19th – April 25th, 2021 Last week was a successful one. My meal prepping catapulted my nutrition forward while I got on the bike a few times to burn those calories! My plan for this week is to maintain that disciple. Don’t order a take-out and keep the chocolate intake to a minimum. IfContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 22

April 12th – April 18th, 2021 I’m coming off the back of a week where I exercised far more, and I gave away candy rather than eating it. Progress has been made. I’m feeling fit and as though I have trimmed down. I have another meal prep week ahead – the freezer is looking ratherContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 21

April 5th – April 11th, 2021 Apple has set me quite the challenge for April – to accumulate 1,970 exercise minutes this month. That’s an average of 65 minutes a day. I normally get 40 or minutes on average. I’ll need to up my daily exercise to stay on track! I bought some Dove milkContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 20

March 29th – April 4th, 2021 The long hard winter is almost over now that April is upon us. With better weather, combined with the country-wide rollout of the vaccine, it seems that life is slowly awakening again. However, not much is changing in the short-term for me and my weight loss journey. I mustContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 19

March 22nd – March 28th, 2021 I’m feeling healthier as the weeks pass. My new calorie budget had my snacking under control, and it’s this change that having a positive impact on my wellbeing. I’m adjusting well to my new shift and feeling as though my energy is improving too. I want to include aContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 18

March 15th – March 21st, 2021 I might be 18 weeks into the process, but it only now that I feel that I am getting to grips with my new lifestyle. The shift to working days has had a massive positive effect on my mood, and it has already made eating well and exercising frequentlyContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 17

March 8th – March 14th, 2021 Increasing my movement ring threshold has been excellent for my mental and physical health. I feel the effect in my muscles, which are substantially more defined. Moving more has helped me sleep better, with a sense of physical exhaustion contributing to that effect. However, not everything on my journeyContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 16

March 1st – March 7th, 2021 Although I may not have seen it on the scale, I made great strides in the past week. Much of my progress was made in engaging in a variety of exercises and increasing my daily burn. Nutrition-wise, I acknowledge that there is a lot of room for improvement. However,Continue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 15

February 22nd – February 28th, 2021 Last week I increased my move ring goals from 500 calories to 650, and it had a positive effect on my physical and mental health. I also got the great news that my Green Card was approved last Friday, so I’m now a permanent resident of the USA! ThisContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 14

February 15th – February 21st, 2021 I haven’t seen much progress on my journey since before Christmas. There are reasons for this – a chocolate addiction, winter lethargy, and overall ill-advised choices. It’s time to shake things up a bit. I’ve decided to up my daily move calorie count from 500 to 650 – overContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 13

February 8th – February 14th, 2021 Last week, I wrote about mental strength being the key to a successful fitness journey. It’s a trait that I lack and has been the reason for my stagnant weight loss. I am successful at not gaining weight, meeting my watch fitness targets, and keeping my daily intake withinContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 12

February 1st – February 7th, 2021 My progress has been very slow of late. I’m nearly 3 months into my “serious” fitness journey, and the weight hasn’t been coming off. I have seen improvements in other areas, though. I am fitter and stronger than I was back in November. My clothes are looser, and IContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 11

January 25th – January 31st, 2021 Last week, my aim was to start cooking and thus improve my eating habits. While I’ve done well at keeping within my calorie budget, I knew that I could eat better. That’s been the beauty of writing this blog – I’m seeing the trends that I may not otherwiseContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 10

January 18th – January 24th, 2021 Last week, I focused on eating everything I could out of my freezer to prepare for Operation Meal Prep. I see making batches of food as the way to conquer my relatively poor diet, which has been lacking in fruits and vegetables. I will continue to do this beforeContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 9

January 11th – January 17th, 2021 I’ve been starting to get back on track after a halt in health over the festive period. Last week, I moved a bit more. However, my diet was poor. Despite staying within my Lose It-determined calorie budget, I realize that I am not eating as well as I shouldContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 8

January 4th – January 10th, 2021 Time to get back to the daily grind and with it back into action on my fitness journey. I spent far too much of the past two weeks sitting and eating chocolate, which cost me several pounds in weight. This week’s goal is to close my rings each dayContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 7

December 28th, 2020 – January 3rd, 2021 Last week I went over my calorie budget twice and used most of my allocation to eat chocolate in one form or another. I may have a slight chocolate addiction that cannot be tempered. This week, I celebrate the New Year with my best friend, who I haven’tContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 6

December 21st – December 27th, 2020 I start this Christmas week hoping to enjoy the festivities and keep some focus on my fitness journey. The holiday season and winter, in general, make fitness and CICO challenging, so this week will be a test of my resolve to create a healthier me. Personal note: Late onContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 5

December 14th – December 20th, 2020 We’re closing in on the zenith of the holiday season, which is a terrifying time for anyone on a weight loss journey, including myself. At this time of year, I’m normally tucking in to mince pies, drinking eggnog, and preparing my gut to eat 7000 calories in one sitting.Continue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 4

December 7th – December 13th, 2020 I’m now a month into my journey, and it may appear that my stats haven’t moved since I began. Except for my physical measurements! I’ve lost an inch and a half off my waist in the past month!!! Delighted with this result. If you’re not taking monthly measurements ofContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 3

November 30th – 6th December 2020 It’s week three of my fitness journey. After being away for Thanksgiving, it’s time to get back into a routine full of exercise. The weather is bitterly cold, so it’s all indoors for the foreseeable future! Starting Stats: Highest Lifetime Weight: ~225 lbs.Week’s Beginning Weight: 183.6 lbs.Week’s Ending Weight:Continue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 2

November 23rd – 29th 2020 It’s week two of my fitness journey. With it being Thanksgiving, for which I will be traveling, my main focus this week will be to keep my calorie consumption within budget. I want to carve out time during this busy week workout too, so let’s see how I did! StartingContinue Reading

Fat to Fit: Week 1

November 16th – 22nd 2020 A weight loss/fitness journey isn’t complete without stats and journaling! I want to track this transformation I am undertaking, so I can be accountable and to evaluate what is working and what is not.  I can also determine where I am excelling in my new lifestyle, or where I could useContinue Reading

Laptop acquired. No excuses now!

I wonder if there was ever a time when a writer blamed their procrastination on not having the best lightweight typewriter? Alternatively, they had a large, powerful unit with sharp keystrokes complete with plentiful ink to keep the letters striking the page for years to come. Instead of focusing, the author would proclaim it wasContinue Reading

Becoming an author

I’m not particularly comfortable with the concept that my post title suggests. That being, that one can decide to become an author. It feels more akin to something that resides within you from birth. Indeed, this applies to me.

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